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Shane MacGowanby The Pogues

Sea Shanty Lyrics: The Pogues Sea Shanty Lyrics is Easy to Sung and Sea Shanty has turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Sea Shanty Lyrics Written by Shane MacGowan, Sea Shanty hit the top of the charts within hours after it's release. Sea Shanty Lyrics penned by Shane MacGowan is one key reason for its success. With some hard-hitting lines brought to life by The Pogues, Sea Shanty is set to be one for the ages.

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Shane MacGowanby The Pogues

The Pogues Sea Shanty Lyrics

Dear dirty London in the pouring rain
I wish to God I was back on the sea again
Though that belongs to the world of never will be
There was never a wilder bastard than me on the sea
I could fuck all the whores in damnation me boys
Though they wriggled and hollered and made a great noise
Then I'd drink till I stank and then drink plenty more
And I won't go down to the sea any more
But if I had ten pounds then I'd raise a loud cheer
And I'd toast all me neighbours both distant and dear
And I'd shoot back great belly-crippling buckets of beer
And a pox and a curse on the people round here
Wouldn't give you me the price of a half pint of beer
Wouldn't give you me the price of a cup of good cheer
A pox and a curse on the people round here

A man's ambition must indeed be small
To write his name upon a shithouse wall
But before I die I'll add my regal scrawl
To show the world I'm left with sweet fuck all
And when all of us bold shithouse poets do die
A monument grand they will raise to the sky
A monument made just to mark our great wit
A monument of solid shit now me boys
I met with Bill James we fought over crusts
I called him a whore and he booted me crotch
Then we shared out the jack and we thought it a treat
The compliments pass when the quality meet
The compliments pass when the quality meet
The compliments pass when the quality meet
The compliments pass when the quality meet

Sea Shanty Lyrics - Overview

Sea Shanty Lyrics Details
Album Red Roses for Me
Singer The Pogues
Lyricists Shane MacGowan
Release Date October 1984

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Sea Shanty has been on everyone's lips since it's release. With Shane MacGowan beautiful lines and The Pogues mesmerizing voice, Sea Shanty has become quite popular. Lyrics by Shane MacGowan is another major reason for the song's success. Sea Shanty will easily be one of the best songs of the year.

Here are some details of the Sea Shanty Song Lyrics

Sea Shanty which came out on October 1984 has had No of Views on Youtube.
This beautiful song was written by Shane MacGowan.

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Sea Shanty Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did Sea Shanty Song Released?

The Sea Shanty Song was released on October 1984.

2. Who is the Singer of Sea Shanty Song?

The singer of Sea Shanty Song is The Pogues.

3. Who are the Lyricists for Sea Shanty Song?

The Lyricists for Sea Shanty Song is Shane MacGowan.