Sachin Khedekar: No actor can rise above a bad script

Updated: Sep 21,2020 05:39 GMT

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Mumbai, Sep 21 (IANS) Actor Sachin Khedekar believes a good script is truly important for an actor to showcase his acting skills.

"The script plays one of the most essential roles in an actor's life. A good script is very important, if it's not justified then it becomes difficult for the artiste to grow. I believe no great actor can rise above a bad script. When I choose projects I make sure the script is appealing," Khedekar told IANS.

Khedekar, whose latest outing is the new crime film "Halahal", opened up on his fondness for real characters.

"I love playing real characters. I feel good when my characters depict reality and help the common man to connect with it. I never wanted to be a hero that is completely alienated and is selling dreams," he added.

"Halahal" is a fictionalised crime story inspired by true events, touching the narrative of a father's (Sachin Khedekar) journey in search of the truth behind his daughter's death.

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