Rogue Characters Tier List. Know Rogue Company Characters Tier List, Characters Names, and More Here!

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Rogue Characters Tier List, Rogue Company Characters Tier List is very important to now because there are about 14 characters in the game where you will properly get to decide which one to go for and Therefore you should be aware about the Rogue Company Characters Tier List. In this article, we will discuss about the Rogue Company Characters Tier List, Characters Names, so that you know which one to choose and then proceed further in the game.

Rogue Company Tier List 2021

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Rogue Company Characters Tier List

Rogue Company Characters Tier List

Rogue Company is a tactical gameplay made by Hi-Rez Studios that is a third -person multiplayer shooter made game which has a good player base. There are about fourteen characters that are known as 'Rogues' in the game, where each one is different from the other and along with that, they have their own abilities and skills that makes them unique in their own way. To help you understand which character to choose when you continue with the game. Rogue Company Characters Tier List are mentioned below.

Rogue Company Character List

  • Lancer

  • Saint

  • Dallas

  • Ronin

  • Dima

  • Talon

  • Phantom

  • Scorch

  • The Fixer

  • VY

  • Chaac

  • Dahlia

  • Anvil

  • Trench

  • Glitch

A new character Named Sigrid was added to the game on 16th December, 2020.  And two new characters are yet to be released in 2021 one of which is Kestrel. 

Rogue Company Characters Tier List.

Rogues - S tier

When it comes to the Rogue Company Characters Tier List, then this S tier remains on top because it has the best rogues in Rogue Company that has great abilities and weapons that can deal with any situation. 

Lancer - She is one of the most offensive characters and she stays the best choice for literally going rogue in the game because the weapon and the abilities both complement each other perfectly when it comes to Lancer.

Saint - The ability of the Saint makes him stand out from the other rogues because he has that power to revive the players with the help of a drone and not just this, he is an important cog when it comes to launch of many ranked playlist and esports scene.

Dallas - Dallas ability is crucial for each team because his ability to locate the highest scoring player on the enemy team makes him different and with that he is a rogue bounty hunter that benefits the player, if they have him.

Rogues - A tier

Ronin - Ronin is one of the best characters in the Rogue company because her loadout is perfect even if you are an amateur. She is one of the great all rounder rogues and that is why, she is prefered by most of the players in the game.

Dima - Dima isn;t ranked higher but then his cluster grenade is pretty good. He is considered to be an all-round damage master and that is why he is chosen by those players who want to deal with the destruction part more.

Talon - Utilization of knowledge is better grasped by Talon rather than aggression and this makes him different from the others. Talon has one of the best SMg that are present in the game which is actually the same that Lancer uses.

Phantom - Phantom often comes on the list when it comes to larger maps, but her ability of disappearing is one of the unique abilities and that is why she stands out. 

Rogues - B tier

Scorch - Scorch is one of the most popular characters because her ability to set the enemies alight is great and with that the fire deals quick ticks of damage is great and therefore she is one such character to use in a pretty popular way. 

The Fixer - The Fixer is new to the game but his ability of detecting the players thermally which makes him unique then the rest. Though this comes in show but still you will find joy in his semi-automatic rifle.

Chaac - Chaac is one of the simple characters to get through because he excels when we talk about his ability and is a great choice for the beginners.

VY - Vy can be a nuisance which is why she is unique and has the ability to create a cloud of poison.

Dahlia - Dhallia can be one of the best rogue characters because her abilities require more skills than the usual rogues and therefore is much more effective at higher ranks.

Rogues - C Tier

Anvil - Anvil comes in the bottom tier for a reason but his ability of barricade can come in hand when it is about defending bomb sites.

Trench - Trench's abilities are not much of use and that is the reason he comes in the bottom tier. A mix up of his equipment can see him as a good character in the rogue company characters.

Glitch - Glitch's ability allows him to grasp the hold of the nearest person to him, making them visible to the whole team but then still his abilities still somehow makes him less popular and makes him present in the bottom tier of the Rogue company character tier list.

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Rogue Characters Tier List - FAQs

1. Who is the best character in Rogue company?

Ronin is the best character in the Rogue company.

2. Who is the new Rogue Company?

Sigrid is new in the Rogue company.

3. Fixer's gameplay.

The Fixer is a Sniper, a Rogue Company member that excels at dealing substantial damage in long range combat.

4. Is Rohgue Company free?

Yes, Rogue company is a free to play.

5. Where can I play Rogue company?

Rogue company available to play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

6. How many GB is rogue company?

The Rogue Company is about 20 GB.

7. Is Rogue Company single player or multiplayer?

Rogue Company is a multiplayer shooter game

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