Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled: Can Chat Be Disabled On Roblox?

Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled - In 2021, Roblox released voice chat, a feature that makes it simple for users to converse with one another. A recent problem that the gamers have experienced is Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled. To learn how to solve when Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment has been temporarily disabled, read this article to the end.  

by Jincy Varghese | Updated Nov 30, 2022

Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled: Can Chat Be Disabled On Roblox?
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Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled

Voice chat has been a key element of video games for a very long time. Voice communication is useful whether you're trying to shield a teammate from enemy fire or making fun of a victim you just killed. The various advantages of voice chat may apply to Roblox just like they do to any other platform. And happily, the developer implemented Spatial Voice (also known as voice chat) in Roblox after considering user comments. Read this article to learn how to enable voice chat on Roblox if you are facing Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled issue. It will explain how to do it.

Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled - Fixes

  • Enter your Roblox username and password, then click the "Settings" icon in the top right corner to access your account settings.

  • The "Verify My Age" option may be found in your account information under "Personal" information once you are in the settings. Once you have accurately entered your birthdate and clicked "Verify My Age," Roblox will request identification when you have scanned the QR code with your mobile device.

  • A link will display when you scan this QR code; click it to open a webpage in your mobile device's browser.

  • After clicking "START SESSION," your camera will open and ask you to take a photo of your ID or driver's license from the front and back. Once you have taken the front photo, the back photo will also be requested.

  • After you have finished photographing your ID, you will be asked to take a selfie. After taking the selfie, wait while the system analyzes and verifies your age.

  • Reopen your account settings page, select "Privacy," and then turn on voice chat for your Roblox account.

  • When a pop-up window requesting you to accept the terms and conditions appears after you click the toggle button, choose the consent statement, and click "Enable."

Can Chat Be Disabled On Roblox?

Yes, The following steps should be taken in order to disable the above chat techniques as well as posting to group walls:

  • Access the account.

  • You may access your account settings by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page, then choosing Settings. An alternative is to click here.

  • Select No one under "Who can chat with me in the app?" after clicking the Privacy tab.

  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen when you scroll there.


Roblox is a platform for online gaming and a tool for game development created by the Roblox Corporation that enables users to create games and play those made by others. The platform, developed by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and made public in 2006, offers user-made games of various genres that were Lua-programmed. Roblox was a relatively small company and platform for the majority of its existence.

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Roblox Voice Chat Enrollment Has Been Temporarily Disabled - FAQs

1. Why can't i enable voice chat on Roblox?

You Must Be Age Verified on Roblox. To make sure the voice chat feature is not misused, it's currently locked behind an age restriction. As such, you will need to prove you are 13 years old or above to use voice chat.

2. Is Roblox voice chat only for 18 +?  

Eligible, age-verified, age 13+ users can opt-in to use this feature by visiting their Settings page. They will then be able to use chat with spatial voice in any Roblox experience that supports it.

3. Why is Roblox not verifying me for voice chat?  

Before you can enable voice chat in Roblox, you need to ensure that you have verified your age. The developers have put a lower limit on the age, so unless you are above eighteen years of age, you will not be able to use this feature.

4. How do you enable Voicechat on Roblox game?  

Roblox players will know that they have been verified when they receive an in-game notification that confirms it, and they should navigate to the Privacy tab and click the toggle next to enable voice chat thereafter.

5. Can you swear in Roblox voice chat?  

To keep Roblox safe and civil for everyone, we don't allow swearing in text, images, or uploaded audio, including: Using misspellings, special characters, or other methods to evade detection of profanity.

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