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Robbie Coltrane Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Children And More Exciting Details About Hagrid From Harry Potter

Robbie Coltrane Height - Every Potterhead knows who Robbie Coltrane is, Robbie Coltrane is a well-known actor and author best recognized for his portrayal of Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter movie. What is Robbie Coltrane Height is the most prominent query amidst the followers of Harry Potter Movies. Read on to know Robbie Coltrane Height and more details about the world-famous JK Rowling's Hagrid.

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Robbie Coltrane Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Children And More Exciting Details About Hagrid From Harry Potter
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Robbie Coltrane Height

Robbie Coltrane portrayed Hagrid in all eight Harry Potter films. He is only 6-foot 1-inch tall, a full two feet shorter than Hagrid seems, due to his lack of magical big genes. While Coltrane does an excellent job as Hagrid, they had to come up with some ingenious ways to make him appear much taller than he was. Now let us see what is Robbie Coltrane height, and how the movie makers made him look tall in the following passages.

Robbie Coltrane Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Children
Name Robbie Coltrane
Real Name Anthony Robert McMillan
Gender Male
Age 71 years old
Birth Date March 30, 1950
Birth Place Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Nationality Scotland
Height 6’1”
Weight 280 lbs
Sexuality Straight
Wife Rhona Gemmell (m.1999 - div.2003)
Children Spencer McMillan and Alice McMillan
Net worth $5 million

How did Hagrid look so tall?

The following are the genius ideas that the Harry Potter movie team came up with to make Hagrid look like a giant in the movies,

1. Two Different Sets

Did you know Hagrid had TWO huts built for him? One was created enormous to make "average" individuals appear little in it. The other was scaled down to make Hagrid appear to be a colossus. They shot with both and then combined the scenes. Furthermore, the objects Hagrid used (such as flatware and cups) were smaller than typical, making Hagrid's hands appear huge in comparison.

2. Stunt Double

Martin Bayfield, a former rugby player who stands 6-foot-10 inches tall, appears in various scenes in Harry Potter. But you'd never guess it. Bayfield plays Hagrid in far-away views and full-body shots when Hagrid needed to be larger than everyone and everything around him, wearing a fatsuit, Hagrid's trademark overcoat, and even an animatronic head that looks like Robbie Coltrane's face.

(image source: Twitter)

3. Camera Perspective

Forced perspective is a cinematography method that distorts the size of people or objects to make them appear larger or smaller than they are. It works by having a nearby object and a distant object in focus equally so that they appear to be in the same plane.

They also achieved forced perspective by simply lowering the camera and recording higher, which was a slightly less skilled method. Other characters were filmed from a higher vantage point, whereas Hagrid was frequently filmed from a lower vantage point. This viewpoint gives the impression that we (the spectator) are staring up at an extremely tall Hagrid.

4. Use of a Green Screen

Filming Hagrid in front of a green screen was another technique employed to make him appear larger. They could then superimpose film or simply his body onto other sequences - scaled up, of course, to appear larger. When Hagrid was portrayed close to other characters, the green screen came in handy, as neither forced perspective nor a stunt double would suffice.

How tall is Hagrid in real life?

Robbie Coltrane Height in real life is 6 ft 1 in tall, which is 182.9 in cms. Scottish actor best remembered for his role as the colossal Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. Cracker, Nuns on the Run, From Hell, Mona Lisa, and Goldeneye are among his other credits.

Robbie Coltrane weight

Robbie Coltrane weight is approximately 127 kg (280 lbs). Other than Harry Potter Robbie worked in so many James Bond movies. Hе асtuаllу rесеivеd thе Evеning stаndаrd British Film awаrd in 1990, OBE in the Nеw Yеаr Honours for his drama service, and in 2012, he received British Academy Scotland Awards for his outstanding contribution to the film industry.

Robbie Coltrane age

The actor was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland, on March 30, 1950. Being born on March 30, 1950, Robbie Coltrane age will be 71 years old as of today.Follow this space for more!

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Robbie Coltrane Height - FAQs

1. What is Robbie Coltrane height?

He is 6 ft 1 in tall.

2. What is Robbie Coltrane weight?

He weighs 280 lbs.

3. What is Robbie Coltrane age?

As of 2021, he is 71 years old now.

4. What is the real name of Robbie Coltrane?

Robbie Coltrane's real name is Anthony Robert McMillan.

5. Who is Robbie Coltrane's wife?

His wife's name is Rhona Gemmell with whom he got divorced in 2003.

6. Does Robbie Coltrane have children?

Spencer McMillan and Alice McMillan are the children of Robbie Coltrane.

7. What is the net worth of Robert Coltrane?

Robert Coltrane's net worth is approximately $5 million.