Roadies Revolution Contestants - Check Contestant of Roadies Revolution and Popular Roadies Revolution Contestants Name here

Updated: Oct 06,2020 16:30 GMT

social social social social Roadies Revolution Contestants - Check Contestant of Roadies Revolution and Popular Roadies Revolution Contestants Name here


Roadies Revolution Contestants - Roadies Revolution Contestants for the eighteenth season of Roadies Revolution are more than extraordinary and The hunt for top 20 roadies revolution contestants has ended resulting in bringing out the most amazing contestants who will call for battle in the season. Here is the list of roadies revolution contestants name along with more details is mentioned in the article. For the complete briefing of Roadies Revolution Contestants, follow on the page.



Roadies Revolution Contestants

Since the season is all about social revolution, thus every contestant has something done in his past for awareness or social change. Else, they are having a vision for being socially active and are about to initiate for a particular social being.  

1. Michael Ajay: Michael is a half Indian and half Nigerian. He is a fitness enthusiast and depression survivor.  

2. Abhimanyu Raghav: He is from Bhopal. He is a fitness enthusiast and musician.  

3.Akash Verma: He impressed Rannvijay in the culling round and made it to the journey.

4.Pratibha Singh: A doctor by profession, Pratibha is also into self-defence training.  

5.Sahej Maini: She won a bronze medal in the Powerlifting World Championship

6.Zabi Khan: Zabi is an animal rights activist. He was nominated for Padmashree award for his activism.  

7.Nisha Dhaundiyal: Nisha is an International Yogini. Her flexibilities are impeccable.  

8.Tarandeep Singh: Tarandeep is a fashion model and fashion designer.  

9. Sanjay Negi: Sanjay Negi is representing the LGBT community and willing to change society’s perceptions of the community.  

10. Jayant Yadav: He is a fitness freak.  

11. Vipin Sahu: Popularly known as the ‘paragliding man’, Vipin impressed the judges with his wit and self-confidence.  

12. Apoorva Gole: Apoorva wants to change people’s perceptions regarding a dark-skinned female.  

13. Sapna Malik: By profession, Sapna is a dentist. She danced in the culling round and impressed everyone including Rannvijay.  

14. Arushi Chawla: Arushi is an actress, a wonderful dancer and an athlete.

15. Kevin Almasifar: Kevin impressed the judges with his MMA and athletic skills. His Jujitsu skills were also appreciated.  

16. Hamid Barkzi: Hamid is an Afghani settled in Delhi working towards helping Afghani patients who come to India for treatments and to safeguard them from fraudulent.  

17. Srishti Sudhera: Srishti is a model and a fitness freak. She impressed the judges in PI with her excellent weight lifting spirit and skill.

18. Akshita Sharma: Akshita is an 18 years old Fashion Designing student. She will be one of the youngest contestants in the Roadies Revolution batch.  

19. Sakib Khan: Sakib is a Kashmiri Indian and wants to get rid of the stigma by the society put on all Kashmiris that they’re violent.  

20. Aman Podar : Aman wants to work towards the cause of cleanliness in the country.  

21. Sanjay Negi - MTV Pantaloons Style Superstar.

Roadies Revolution Contestants - FAQ's

1. How many total contestants are there in roadies revolution?  

There are 21 total  contestants in roadies revolution

2. Which season is this roadies revolution?  

This roadies revolution was the 18th season of the series. 

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