Ritika Badiani on 'Chaman Bahaar': It is a very special role

Actress Ritika Badiani describes her role in "Chaman Bahaar" as a very special one.

by IANS | Updated Jun 18, 2020

Ritika Badiani on 'Chaman Bahaar': It is a very special role

The film, which also stars Jitendra Kumar, is set in a small town in India. It is a story of unrequited love.

"It's a very special role. The role demanded that I establish a strong connect without saying much. I was very particular about my body language, gestures and expressions so that my character got portrayed correctly. What really helped was my co-star Jitendra Kumar who made it so much better because as an actor, he is extremely enthusiastic and gives it his 100 per cent. Professionally as well as personally, I have learnt a lot from him," said Ritika.

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"Chaman Bahar" is the first feature film that Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann has directed.

He said: "I have grown up in many small towns because of the nature of my father's job. The cool thing about smaller towns is that they are filled with quirky and colourful characters. When I moved out of Chhattisgarh, I developed an outsider's perspective to my own people and that made tapping the milieu and its inhabitants easier. The difficult part was the plot to crack which was enabled at the right time when a friend of mine one day narrated a real-life incident.

"For me, this is an interplay of interesting characters I might have encountered in my life, who all live in this upcoming small town, all trying to find their place in the sun in a way. It's a personal film and I have tried my best to make it a fun ride for the audience," he added.

"Chaman Bahar" will be available for streaming from June 19 onwards on Netflix.

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