Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go: What is the Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO? and Know Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go Here!

by Priyanka S | Updated Feb 25, 2021 12:50 PM

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Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go It’s been four years since Niantic’s Pokemon Go was discharged and however the sport shows no sign of deceleration down and it's a devout and close community and recently, they need been searching for data on Shiny Starly Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are rare versions of standard Pokemon and Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go in the game is solely in the look and not in their talents. But still, they're thought of to be a prized possession to grasp a lot of, browse this text on Shiny Starly Pokemon GO, what is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go, will it exist, and Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go!

Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go

Some of the most sought after Pokémon GO encounters are Shiny Pokémon. They are rare versions of Pokémon with various colour palettes. The odds of encountering one are generally one in 450, but there are some species that are more difficult to find for a variety of reasons. These are Pokémon GO's Top Rare Generation One Shinies. The Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go are given below in this article.

Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go 2021

  • #1 - Shiny Party Hat Nidorino

    • This one is a rare variant of the Pokemon as it was available for only three hours during a raid battle. 

    • Shiny Party Hat version of this Pokemon is not available in Pokemon Go now.

  • #2 - Shiny Woobat

    • The players can encounter one shiny Woobat every 500 encounters, which makes it a very rare shiny Pokemon.

    • It evolves into the shiny Swoobat and has the same colour scheme as its base.

  • #3 - Shiny hat-wearing Pikachu

    • A Pikachu wearing an Ash hat or the detective Pikachu hat is very rare.

    • It's rarer to see the shiny version of these two Pokemon.

  • #4 - Shiny Alolan Grimer

    • The Alolan Grimer was added in Pokemon Go along with all the other Alolan Pokemon.

    • Initially, players could hatch this Pokemon through 7KM eggs only, but now the players can encounter the Alolan Grimer in the wild as well.

  • #5 - Shiny Alolan Vulpix

    • The shiny Alolan Vulpix is another very rare Pokemon in the game.

    • Initially, it was available in 7KM eggs only, but now the players will be able to encounter them in the wild now.

Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go

These are Pokémon GO's Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go Shinies. Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go are given below in this article.

The regionals

There are region-locked Tauros, Mr Mine, Kangaskan, and Farfetch'd, which means that they can only be caught or hatched in certain parts of the world. For their Shiny release, they were briefly in 7 KM eggs worldwide, with such a limited time to try to hatch these, due to their exclusivity, they are considered to be among the rarest Shinies in the game.

The costumed starters

For certain events, and even full Halloween costumes for others, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are known to rock a hat. While costumed starters, such as their 2020 release with party hats, have spawned in the wild before, they are often gated behind raid encounters and egg hatches. Even Squirtle, which was released with sunglasses for its Community Day through research meetings.

Shiny Mewtwo

Normally, a Legendary's Shiny release will take up the raid rotation for almost a whole month. With Shiny Mewtwo, not so. During Niantic's Ultra Bonus 2019, it was in raids for one week, followed by a make-up raid hour, and then a brief tenure in EX raids. In Pokémon GO as a whole, Mewtwo may be the rarest Shiny Legendary.

Pichu with the hat

Pichu is only hatchable, so its shiny form immediately becomes among the rarest when it throws on a hat for an event. The hats range from party to Ash, from Santa to witch, from winter beanie to summer straw.

Shiny Detective Pikachu

Due to their limited availability, all Shiny costumed Pokémon are rare, but this Detective Pikachu is so rare that few trainers were able to provide evidence that it exists. By either pure happenstance or exploiting a glitch, the trainers that got it received it. This photobomb-only encounter in Shiny form was not supposed to be released, But one minute before the event ended, some players took the photo and encountered the Pokémon the minute it ended, at which point the Shiny ability for Pikachu was turned back on. This left the few trainers who attempted this with a one in 450 chance of a Shiny Detective Pikachu being their photobomb, but it has been confirmed as existing.

Some of the other mentions of Rarest shiny pokémon go 2021 are,

  • Abra

  • Articuno,

  • Zapdos, 

  • Moltres

  • Kabuto 

  • Omanyte

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Rarest Shiny Pokemon Go - FAQs

1. What are the top 10 rarest shiny pokemon go?
  1. The regionals
  2. The costumed starters
  3. Shiny Mewtwo
  4. Pichu with the hat
  5. Shiny Detective Pikachu
  6. Abra
  7. Articuno,
  8. Zapdos, 
  9. Moltres
  10. Kabuto
2.  Does Shiny Starly Pokemon Go exist?

Yes, there is Shiny starly Pokemon GO. 

3. Who is the weakest Pokemon?
  • 8 Slaking.
  • 7 Pikachu.
  • 6 Metapod.
  • 5 Magikarp.
  • 4 Delibird.
  • 3 Wimpod.
  • 2 Smeargle.
  • 1 Spoink.
4. Which one is the strongest Pokemon?

Arceus is said to be one of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

5. Who is the first Pokemon?

Rhydon is said to the first-ever Pokemon added to the real world.

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