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  3. Ranvir Shorey recounts hilarious incident of Bollywood nepotism

Ranvir Shorey recounts hilarious incident of Bollywood nepotism

Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey has narrated an incident through a string of tweets to prove how deep nepotism runs in the veins of Bollywood.

Updated Jun 16, 2020 09:15 AM

Ranvir Shorey recounts hilarious incident of Bollywood nepotism

"This actually unfolded on a popular Bollywood awards show: A star kid is co-hosting the show. They announce the next category -- Best Actor. The nominees are played out, and the star kid is one of the nominees. Surprise-surprise," Ranvir began.

"To present the award, the hosts invite two esteemed film personalities, who happen to be the star kid's parents. What a sweet coincidence! The presenters open the envelope and announce the winner to be -- drumroll please! -- the star kid, of course! What a Kodak family moment!" he continued.

"The star kid walks from the host's dias to accept the award and makes a short thank you speech and heads back to hosting the rest of the show like business as usual. This is how mainstream Bollywood is a family," he added.

Earlier this week, Ranvir questioned the trend of zero accountability of power in the industry following demise of his "Sonchiriya" co-star and friend Sushant Singh Rajput.

"It wouldn't be fair to blame someone for a step that he took himself. He was playing a high stakes game, where it's win or lose it all. But something has to be said about the self appointed 'gatekeepers of Bollywood'," Ranvir tweeted.

He continued: "Something has to be said about the games they play, and their two facedness."

"Something has to be said about the power they wield with zero accountability. The power they derive from having inherited privilege in the business and the mainstream media sitting in their lap. The power to decide who will be a 'star' and who will be left out in the cold. But of course, the coterie that owns the only high stakes table in the casino will never be questioned, because everyone is too busy enjoying the game. Even if they know it's fixed," he added.

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