Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite - Know Pumpkin Hunt Challenge, Fortnitemare Creative Challenges and More

Updated: Oct 27,2020 11:39 GMT

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Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite - The players love to play Fortnite and recently it has been adding up great challenges in the fortnitemares and pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite has been introduced lately which makes this game more interesting. You would never miss such great opportunity,if you are fan of Fortnite! Want to know more on the Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite? Sit back and relax, because here we are going to specify few details about the Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite, so that you can have a good time while playing the challenges.

Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite 

Everyone loves to play Fortnite because it always comes up with great features and additional challenges that makes the game more interesting. This time, it has introduced the Pumpkin hunt recently that is actually loved by the players. The makers of the game takes into consideration the visions and the interest of the players and then adds up the challenges accordingly. A lot of great features has been added with this latest update of Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite. Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite has been come up with many interesting modes and challenges and therefor one should know when they play the game so that they are awarw of what is waiting for them.

Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite - Fortnite Creative

The players have a task here where this specific Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite challenge is all about finding the pumpkin locations that have been spread all across the map. This Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite challenge is present in the version of Fortnite creative. The main challenge is to find the pumpkin locations which is not easy because the locations of it are not exacly given in detail as those are located in the Fortnite creative mode which takes time. Apart from the locations, one can start the Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite challenge for sure, by following the steps that are mentioned below - 

Step 1 - Open the creative server in fortnite.

Step 2 - Fine the present featured island rift.

Step 3 - Open the set island code option.

Step 4 - Cope and paste the island code in it there. 

The code for the fortnite creative for Pumpkin hunt is -

  • 0414-9665-0019 

Fortnitemares creative code hunt

  1. GunGame - Crazy Carnevil - TCLJS
  2. 54YTB
  3. What Lay Beneath Map - AU9NJ
  4. Haunted House Deathrun - BLVHV

Fortnitemare Creative Challenges and rewards - Pumpkin hunt

With each of the pumpkin locations, there is a hidden challenge that has to be completed by the players. The challenges ar eplayed in the creative mode and with every other completion, there is a reward waiting for the players. This is one of the latest version that is added up and is played by quite a lot of players. Pumpkin Hunt for fortnite has some really amazing rewards for which one needs to play and that can be acquired through craking the challenges of completing the eight locations of the Pumpkin that are hidden in the game.

This is how one can start the Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite challenge and the play the game in an amazing way.

Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite - FAQ

1. How many pumpkin locations are there in Fortnite?

There are about eight pumpkin locations present in the fortnite.

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