Public Holidays Netherland 2021, List of School and Bank Holidays in Netherland

Public Holidays Netherland 2021: Holidays in the Netherlands is very less compared to other countries in the world, but this is a place is a great holiday spot. Continue reading the article to know more about the Public Holidays Netherland 2021 and bank holidays.

by Maria Thomas | Updated Mar 16, 2021

Public Holidays Netherland 2021, List of School and Bank Holidays in Netherland

Public Holidays Netherlands 2021

The Netherlands, often known by the name Holland is a country situated in the Northwestern Europe. Netherlands is famous  for its tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands is a famous film shooting spot. Citizens of Holland called as the Dutch observe the  5th May as Liberation Day. Please see below the list of Public Holidays in Netherland 2021, which can be modified, if any emergency arises. Public Holidays in The Netherlands is very less compared to other countries in the world.

Date And Day Holiday
1st Jan 2021 (Friday) New Year’s Day
2nd April 2021 (Friday) Good Friday
4th April 2021 (Sunday) Easter Sunday
5th April 2021 (Monday) Easter Monday
27th April 2021 (Tuesday) King’s Day
5th May 2021 (Wednesday) Liberation Day
13th May 2021 (Thursday) Ascension Day
23rd May 2021 (Sunday) White Sunday
24th May 2021 (Monday) White Monday
25th Dec 2021 (Saturday) Christmas
26th Dec 2021 (Sunday) 2nd Day of Christmas

Bank Holidays Netherlands 2021

Public holidays Netherlands 2021 are the time of the year when people of that country enjoy, relax and have fun. The delight and enjoyment that holidays in general create knows no bar. The Netherlands has a very few holidays when compared to the other countries thus, it is necessary to plan one’s holidays accordingly. There are also different types of holidays from National holidays, religious/ cultural holidays to even international holidays. Religious and cultural holidays are generally the most awaited holidays because these holidays generally come as multiple days. And it is usually during festivals that families get together and celebrate. But one must remember that the holiday pattern for bank holidays Netherlands 2021 and Netherlands school holidays 2021 might differ and if parents are planning the holidays one must make sure that their holidays coincide with each other. Generally the public holidays Netherlands 2021 coincide with the Netherlands bank holidays 2021. But there are chances that these holidays might vary according to the bank and the sector they are working in. 

School Holidays Netherlands 2021

Schools usually get more breaks than the designated public holidays Netherlands 2021. These holidays are usually called spring break, summer break, and winter break. These are long holidays and might even be two weeks long. These breaks are usually assigned by the respective schools and may differ accordingly. 

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Public Holidays Netherland 2021 - FAQs

1. What is the name of the Capital of Netherlands?    

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.

2. How are the citizens of Netherlands famously known as?  

Citizens of Netherlands are famously known as Dutch.

3. When is the King’s Day in Netherlands?

27th April 2021 is the King’s Day in Netherlands

4. When is White Sunday in Netherlands?

23rd May 2021 is White Sunday in Netherlands

5. What is the name that Netherlands is famously known by?

The Netherlands is more commonly known by the name Holland

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