PUBG Ban: When Will Pubg Come Back in India? Is PUBG coming back to India? - Know Everything here

Updated: Oct 14,2020 08:39 GMT

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When Will Pubg Come Back in India - When Will Pubg Come Back in India? Because the recent ban on pubg has created waves among the nations where the lovers of pubg are stressed. When will the pubg come in playstoreor the appstore isone of the main question asked by every other pubg lover in India. Pubg was the most played game and had a lot of players all around the world and therefore every other pubg player has this hope of When Will Pubg Come Back in India and when will they play it soon. Let us look here about When Will Pubg Come Back in India.

When Will Pubg Come Back in India?

Google play store is the most used app when it comes to downloading the Pubg game. When Will Pubg Come Back in India?is what every PUbg lovers are questioning. After the banning of Pubg and other 117 chinese origin apps, the game pubg is not available on every other device in India. This is very sad news for all the Pubg players in India as the ban of Pubg has touched their hearts because this game was one of the most leading online games with multiplayers and was also a sensation among the people. PUBG was banned because it has chinese origin. Nothing else was the reason for the pubg ban. Though it wasn't supposed to be like this but then the government had to do it because it had already boycotted other apps ban that were having the origin from China. 

Earlier on Friday, it has been said that Tencent along with the help of the government would try out something or the other to get PUBg back on the mobile platforms and they have started working on it as well. It was just not the Pubg players that got upset but also the other gaming players were not relaxed either. Though there are people who were not quite interested in this game but then the pubg lovers are still in shock and are expecting a better scope for the game to return again in the future.

When Will Pubg Come Back in India actually? 

Our India is one of the largest markets for Pubg as per the research suggests and therefore the Indian government is finding its way out to bring this game back in the nation. With more than 50 million active users who used to play Pubg, generated much more large revenue when the pandemic actually hitted the nation badly. This game was one such game where the people could actually and actively socialize with each other not just for gaming purposes but also for communication purposes. 
Meanwhile other alternatives to these Pubg apps are coming up so that pubg players stay intact. Pubg is still available on PC and Xbox but it would be hard to restore it on play stores in India soon.

When Will Pubg Come Back in India - FAQ's

1. 1) Is pubg still good in 2020?  

Yes Pubg is still popular and sensational among the players till now. 

2. 2) Is Pubg removed from the play store?

Both Pubg and Pubg mobile lite  has been removed from the google play store and the app store.

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