Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date, Features, Download And More

Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date - PUBG Lite game was released in August 2019 by American game developers Lightspeed and Quantum. This game is available on the Android version. Many players of the game want to know about Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date. Let's check out the article Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date. 

by Rajalaxmi Sahoo | Updated Jan 09, 2023

Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date, Features, Download And More
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Pubg Mobile Lite 0.25.0 Update

Pubg Lite updated their old version and the new version can be downloaded by the following process. PUBG is banned in many including India. The player can access the better version of the game and download it from the browser. They even want to fix the bugs and add many new features to the new version. The main size of the game is which is sometimes increased. The main update is the most important for the game which is an update to access the better version. 

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Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date

Pubg Mobile Lite has been banned in India. It releases new updates and recent one is Pubg Lite 0.25.0 update. The 0.25.0 has many new unique features like new maps, new gun skins, new events, and fixed bugs and glitches. The Pubg Mobile Lite is working on the updates  and according to mahagamer, the 0.25.0 Update release date is January 2023. 

Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Download 

1. Firstly, gamers need to visit the official site 

2 . Even the user has to click on the download option. 

3. Then after downloading the file, the players need to install 

4. After the installation, gamers can enjoy the latest version with their allies. 

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Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Features 

Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Features are also amazing, and this update is coming soon. This update has amazing features, and this is great news for all pubg lite players. pubg lite update 0.25.0 have the following features.

  • The first amazing feature is your gameplay is safe from hackers. pubg lite started ban id of hackers, and cheaters 0.25.0 is an amazing update of pubg lite.

  •  0.25.0 comes with a new map, and pubg lite also adds a new map in the latest update.

  • This game bans hack files and makes safe gameplay.

  • This game is added a change server option in settings.

  • This game was removed 5BC option.

  • This game added a daily bundle option.

  • This game added a daily event option.

  • This game also added new gun skins.

  • This game added new guns to the map.

  • This game map was repaired.

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Pubg Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date - FAQs

1. When was the Pubg lite game released?

The PUBG Lite game was released in August 2019. 

2. Who is the developer of the game?

Lightspeed and Quantum is the developer of the game. 

3. Who is the publisher of the game?

Level Infinite is the publisher of the game. 

4. On which platform you can play this game?

You can play this game on Android. 

5. What is the file size of the game?

The file size of the game is 600 MB. 

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