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PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number: How To Check PTCL Bill Online By Phone Number And Reference Number?

PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number - Customers can pay their Landline, EVO, Smart TV, and DSL bills online via the PTCL bill online service. It's a fantastic feature that saves consumers time. Customers can get information about their bills in pdf format in the PTCL duplicate bill account. Scroll down the main page to know more information about the PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number.

by R Naresh | Updated Oct 18, 2021 13:19 PM

PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number: How To Check PTCL Bill Online By Phone Number And Reference Number?
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PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number

We are offering you the ability to check your PTCL bill online using your phone number, reference number, or ID. The entire procedure for checking the bill is detailed here, as is the procedure for submitting the bill online. If a PTCL representative has not sent you your current bill before the due date, you can now download it. Following the simple procedures, you can easily download the PTCL bill at home. First and foremost, PDF software should be installed on your computer or other devices for PTCL Bill Online Check with Account ID copy. You can now download your PTCL bill at home by following the steps below. If you're having trouble downloading duplicate bills, this website can help. By using this approach, you may also verify how many invoices you have to pay this month. You can obtain PTCL bills in a number of ways. Is it possible to check it by phone number, reference number, or account ID? You can check your result in any of these methods. This online method can be used to obtain bills from PTCL Landline/VFone/EVO and other companies. You can also use the PTCL e-payment system to pay your bill online. This is where you may find answers to all of your questions about the outcome.

How To Get A Duplicate PTCL Bill?

To obtain a duplicate invoice, simply complete the following steps:

Simply provide your phone number and account ID, which is a ten-digit number, on a landline/broadband bill. You'll be able to view, download, or print your bill in a matter of seconds. For Evo users, all you have to do is add MDN and ESN. I've been given permission to look at your PTCL bill; all you have to do now is append MDN and ESN. In a matter of seconds, you'll receive a bill, and you'll be ready to go. Click the button below to obtain the PTCL bill for September 2021 that has been lost or delayed. All of the methods are straightforward and easy to follow. You'll receive a PDF copy of PTCL's Duplicate Bill, so you'll need Adobe Reader to see it. Let's get this party started.

How to Check PTCL Bill Online Via Phone Number?

Here are the steps below to check PTCL bill online by phone number.

  • Choose the option to check the bill

  • If you are choosing the landline number, then enter the telephone number and click on “Inquire Bill” button.

  • Your bill will appear on the screen.

How To Check PTCL bill online Via Reference Number?

You must provide the reference number when reviewing your PTCL Telephone & Internet Setup Charges. This can be accomplished in the following manner.

  • To continue, click the button.

  • When you get to the bill checking portal, you'll be able to choose whatever bill you wish to check.

  • Each bill can be checked by inputting the account ID, MDN number, or invoice number.

  • However, enter the reference number for Telephone & Internet Setup Charges.

  • The bill will then appear on your screen.

How To Pay PTCL Bill Online?

This website has a step-by-step guide for paying your PTCL bill online. Every PTCL customer wishes to employ a simple method of paying their bills, such as online bill payments by debit or credit cards. PTCL has launched an online bill payment service for its valued customers, and anyone can take advantage of it and pay their bills online while sitting at home. The majority of PTCL customers are unfamiliar with how to pay their bills online. We'll show you how to pay your PTCL bill online in this article. The government of Pakistan and private telecommunications run PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company Private Limited, but we want to point out to readers that the government of Pakistan still owns 62 percent of the company, and only 26 percent of the company is sold to a private telecommunications service. 

Customers can now pay their bills online using their debit or credit cards, thanks to PTCL's new online bill payment option. This is a step-by-step guide for paying PTCL bills online.

Step 1 

First and foremost. Create an account on the PTCL's official website, ptcl.com.pk, to pay bills online. At https://www.ptcl.com.pk/Customer/Register, you can register for an account. You do not need to register again if you already have an account; simply log in with your ID and password.

Step 2

Now go to https://dbill.ptcl.net.pk/, which is the official URL for paying your bill online. or choose the option to pay your bill online manually.

Step 3

Now Choose between two billing options: Landline Bill or PTCL EVO Bill. and type in your login information, such as your phone number and account ID.

Step 4

Choose a payment option or link your debit or credit card now. and Choose a method for inquiring about your bill, such as inquiring about your bill by invoice number.

Step 5

Next you have to enter the invoice number which is mentioned on your bill copy.

Step 6

To submit your bill online, click on the Pay bill button. And then click on pay after entering the required information, such as your card number, type, and verification code. This is a step-by-step guide to paying your PTCL bill online. You may learn how to pay your internet bill in Pakistan by following this guide. As a result, follow these steps to pay your online bill with a debit or credit card.

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PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number: FAQs

1. How many employs in PTCL?

In PTCL there are total of 18,000 employs.   

2. What is the website of the PTCL?

www.ptcl.com.pk is the website of the PTCL.

3. What is the subsidaries in PTCL?

In PTCL the subsidaries are Ufone.


4. Who is the owner of the PTCL?

Government of Pakistan (62%), Etisalat (26%) and General public (12%) are the owners of PTCL.

5. Where is the headquaters of the PTCL?

The headquaters of the PTCL in Islamabad, Pakistan.


6. What type of industry is PTCL?

PTCL is Telecommunications industry.

7. When was the PTCL founded?

PTCL was founded on 14th August 1974 and incorporated in 1995.