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Project Runway Season 19 Contestants, Who Are The Project Runway Season 19 Cast?

Project Runway Season 19 Contestants - Project Runway is a fashion design-focused American reality television show. The contestants compete against one another to design the greatest outfits, with time, materials, and a theme limiting their creativity. Scroll down to know more about the Project Runway Season 19 Contestants.  

by R Naresh | Updated Oct 23, 2021 11:51 AM

Project Runway Season 19 Contestants, Who Are The Project Runway Season 19 Cast?
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Project Runway Season 19 Contestants

Beginning September 9, Bravo will broadcast fresh episodes of the Project Runway Redemption digital series, which features past finalists from Seasons 17 and 18 yearning for a second chance at fashion glory, in the lead-up to Season 19 premiere. We have here both the Project Runway Season 19 Contestants names and the Project Runway Season 19 judges

Project Runway Season 19 Cast

Here are the list of Project Runway Season 19 Contestants are,

1. Anna Yinan Zhou (San Francisco, CA, Age: 32)

Anna Zhou is a Shanghai native who grew up in an artistic family. Her father, a sculptor who has studied fine art since she was 13, impacted her. When Anna moved to the United States, she found her fashion voice and a sense of creative freedom. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a degree in fashion design. During the global pandemic, she created her own collection, ORAZ, after working with companies such as Marchesa.

2. Sabrina Spanta (Bloomfield Hills, MI, Age: 29)     

Sabrina Spanta was born in Afghanistan and moved to a refugee camp in Pakistan with her family to escape the Afghan war. Sabrina's mother died tragically on their voyage, leaving her father to care for her and her siblings. Sabrina and her sister were both adopted in the United States in 2000 by their great aunt, whom she now refers to as Mom and considers to be her "real mother." While witnessing her birth father work as a tailor in Afghanistan, Sabrina's sense for design blossomed.

3. Zayden Skipper (Atlanta, GA, Age: 32)

Zayden Skipper was raised in Chicago by a strong tribe of women who kept him grounded and ensured that he used his skill to its maximum potential. When he saw all the wonderful outfits that his mother and grandmother would create for him and his sisters, he was motivated to pick up a needle and thread. Zayden opted to relocate to Atlanta to pursue his master's in fashion after graduating from Alcorn State University with a bachelor's degree in business and working in the corporate world.

4. Chasity Sereal (Houston, TX, Age: 31)

Chasity Sereal is a problem-solving expert who grew up in Houston, Texas. She began making senior prom dresses as a high school junior. Her father dubbed her "Lady Godiva," and she was devastated when he died when she was 12 years old. Chasity's father was the family's artist, with a gift for sketch art from which she received her artistic side. She honed her fashion abilities over many hours of practise and now focuses on her self-titled Chasity Sereal collection, which she launched in 2009.

5. Aaron Michael (Jackson, MS, Age: 39)

Aaron Michael was born and raised in Moorefield, West Virginia, where he developed an early interest in fashion. Following the death of his mother, he was raised by his grandparents, who made certain that he never felt inferior to others and that he remained true to himself. Aaron, a self-taught designer, created his first pattern by tracing his body into fabric while lying on the basement floor of a buddy. Much of his early work was for drag queens and other performers he knew from his 20-year career in the drag scene, when he produced a weekly drag show at Central Mississippi's sole gay bar.

6. Shantall Lacayo (Miami, FL, Age: 37)

Shantall Lacayo was taught to sew by her grandmother when she was four years old while growing up in Nicaragua. She started her own business at the age of 13 at school, making and selling stretch shirts for her classmates for $2 to help her single mother pay the rent. Shantall had always wanted to work in the fashion industry, but it didn't exist in her country, so she studied marketing instead. Shantall and her husband left Nicaragua three years ago to escape political violence.

7. Katie Kortman (Japan, Age: 40)

Fine arts are Katie Kortman's muse, and her girl is... herself. She is well recognised for her one-of-a-kind, brightly coloured prints. Katie has four children and is married to an OB-GYN who works in the military. She started to improve her sewing skills once her husband was transferred to Bahrain, and she eventually fell in love with fashion.

8. Kristina Kharlashkina (New York, NY, Age: 33)

Kristina Kharlashkina was raised in Russia by her rocket scientist father and teacher mother, who instilled in her a strong work ethic and encouraged her to pursue her passion for art. She began her career as a ballroom dancer and has always been fascinated by how a costume may enhance a performance. Her background in dancing impacted her elegant, wearable aesthetic, and she knew she was destined for a career in fashion.

9. Bones Jones (Harlem, NY, Age: 30)

Bones Jones was up in a little town in Virginia, but he always felt there was more to life than that. As a boy, he used to watch his grandmother sew for her downtown business, which specialised in church hats and formal clothing. He studied ballet, jazz, and modern dance at the Virginia School of the Arts after obtaining his first sewing machine from her at the age of 16.

10. Prajje Oscar Jean-Baptiste (Philadelphia, PA, Age: 37)

Oscar Prajje Jean-Baptiste was reared by his grandmother in Haiti as a child. When he went to the United States at the age of 14, he understood that his passion for fashion could blossom into a career, which his adoptive parents encouraged. Prajje studied at the famous Massachusetts College of Art in Boston before launching his Prajje Oscar brand. His work was featured in Harper's Bazaar Vietnam, Elle, Rolling Stone, and Teen Vogue while he was residing in New York City. Prajje is most recognised for his spectacular evening dresses and sumptuous fabrics, which he characterized as "vintage stylish yet incredibly wearable."

11. Meg Ferguson (Tulsa, OK, Age: 35)

Her grandmother Betty was a seamstress who taught her how to sew, and her grandmother Nona owned a children's clothes company, thus Meg Ferguson grew up in the fashion industry. She was taught to quilt and embroider at a young age, preparing her for a career in fashion. Meg earned her first work in Creative Costuming at Walt Disney World after graduating from Metropolitan Community College with a fashion design degree.

12. Coral Castillo (Los Angeles, CA, Age: 40)

Coral Castillo, a native of Mexico City and then Tijuana, is the daughter of a dressmaker and grew up surrounded by rich fabrics and custom-made garments. Her mother designed garments for a restricted clientele in Tijuana. Coral, her mother, and her brothers immigrated to the United States in 2001. She studied fashion design at The Art Institute of California in San Francisco, inspired by her mother's talent. Coral, a young single mother, balanced employment and design school as a young single mother.

13. Caycee Black (Brooklyn, NY, Age: 40)

Caycee Black felt like an outcast growing up in Houston, Texas, and painting was the place where she could escape and dream. She was enthralled by vintage films and musicals in which ladies were encouraged to express themselves through their attire. She established herself in New York City after receiving a BFA in design from Parsons School of Design and worked as a designer for Club Monaco, Tibi, and Coach. Caycee Black Collection, her own fashion company, is now situated in Brooklyn.

14. Kenneth Barlis (San Diego, CA, Age: 32)

Kenneth Barlis, a fashion designer who was born and raised in Zamboanga, discovered his calling in the industry at the age of 17. Kenneth Barlis, his own atelier, was founded nine years ago with a clean, modern, bold, and sophisticated fashion voice. He has a long number of celebrity clients, including Carrie Underwood, Khelani, Offset, and others. He opened the KB School of Fashion in 2018, where he began training models for pageants and catwalk displays.

15. Darren Apolonio (New York, NY, Age: 27)

Darren Apolonio was born in the Philippines and raised with his three sisters by a single mother. He was infatuated with David Bowie and Lady Gaga in high school and was inspired by their fearless attitude to fashion, which led him into the realm of design. He went on to receive his BFA in Fashion from SCAD and takes pride in his ability to capture emotions and convert them into clothing.

16. Octavio Aguilar (Miami, FL, Age: 42)

Octavio Aguilar is a Puerto Rican American from New Jersey who was raised by a single mother with whom he had a close relationship. He was handed his first sewing machine when he was 12 years old, and he rapidly began making '90s club attire, prompting him to create his first business in his hometown. Octavio considers himself a self-taught designer, despite spending a year at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Project Runway 2021 Judges

Christian Siriano will return as the show's mentor, along with judges Elaine Welteroth, Nina Garcia and Brandon Maxwell. Get your best lewks ready, because the most fashionable season of the year is here. The Season 19 debut of Bravo's Project Runway is this week on Thursday, October 14 and mentor Christan Siriano, as well as judges Brandon Maxwell and Nina Garcia, took to the streets of New York to celebrate all things Season 19. Of course, the trio went all out for their celebration on Wednesday, joining forces at the Empire State Building October 13.

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Project Runway Season 19 Contestants: FAQs.

1. What type of genre is Project Runway?

The Project Runway is a Reality competition genre.

2. Who was the creator of the Project Runway?

Eli Holzman is the creator of the Project Runway.

3. In which country of origin is Project Runway?

Project Runway is a country of origin in United States

4. What is the original language of Project Runway?

The original language of Project Runway is English.

5. How many number of seasons in Project Runway?

In Project Runway it has a total of 18 seasons.

6. How many number of episodes in Project Runway?

In Project Runway it has a total of 251 episodes.

7. Which was the original network of Project Runway?

Bravo (2004-2008, 2019-present) and Lifetime (2009-2017) are original network of Project Runway.