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PorQue Lyrics - Stef

PorQue Lyrics: You can get the  PorQue Song Lyrics “Bet you can't run my pace, Bet you can't read my say” by Stef below and PorQue has been topping the charts ever since it came out. With a beautiful rendition by Stef, PorQue has become an instant hit. Scroll down to get the full lyrics of PorQue.

by Sangeetha N | Updated Jun 30, 2021 10:12 AM

PorQue Lyrics - Stef

PorQue Lyrics by Stef

[Chorus] (x2)

Bet you can't run my pace

Bet you can't read my say

Do my way, no one do my way, I go M.I.A

Oh my god, i'm like oh porque

You can't do my spray, you is dry

Ain't good anyway, you gon' fade to grey (fade to grey)

[Verse 1]

I am the king of the streets, K-I-N-G

Ain't no one fucking with me

I got a throne for a seat, I got the meat

Niggas don't want any beef

Life is just not what it seems

Hit with the beam, puttin that boy on a tee

Dirty, do not like it clean

That what it mean, niggas ain't fuckin with P

[Verse 2]

Dirty militants fixing to break ya shits again

Get it like the answer or stuff on the fuckin syllabus

Many syllables, spit from lips he putting in

Spit from the bitch that was thick, that he get to fucking with

Half assed like white woman, suburban

That's curving these other niggas like shit that they never learn and

I'm purging these other fuckers, I speak and I get to burning em

Rather keep the peace than the pieces they left at Birmingham

Grill on the curb, put my foot down

This the last stand, got a problem and he wuss out

X man off list of my Death Note

Tote that motherfucking thang and a black coat

Mac to the head of ya majesty

Off with the shits if a twitch from the faculty

Leave alone, i'll leave em whole as a cavity

Fit too odd for motherfuckin causality

Sleep during speech from the Ms

That's a click clack splat and the class dismissed

Nigga pass that grass, and ya light that spliff

Nigga roll that glass for a rat ass snitch, damn


I bet you can't run my pace

I bet you can't read my say

Or do my way, cause no one do my way, and I might go M.I.A

A nigga don't stop, a nigga really not gon' stop

Until a nigga gon' go off, pop

Off, a nigga really might jump off

A nigga don't make this song go wild

[Chorus] (x2)

Bet you can't run my pace

Bet you can't read my say

Do my way, no one do my way, I go M.I.A

Oh my god, i'm like oh porque

You can't do my spray, you is dry

Ain't good anyway, you gon' fade to grey (fade to grey)

PorQue Lyrics Details

  • Movie/Album: AnyMoreQuestions?

  • Singers: Stef

PorQue Lyrics from AnyMoreQuestions?

This song is one of  Stef best works. Stef has given life to the song through his/her unique voice. Fans of Stef can't seem to get enough of this wonderful song. Memorizing the lyrics is so easy because of the song’s peppy tune and catchy lyrics.

Interesting Facts About The Singer

The song from the AnyMoreQuestions? became viral soon after its release. Sung by Stef, has left thousands mesmerized with its brilliance. Lyrics by  Stef have played a major role in the success of the song.  Stef has once again proved himself through the lines of this song. Overall this song is something that is never going to leave your playlist.

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Explore some of the interesting facts about Stef below

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  • Genre - Indie rock, Alternative/Indie, Rock of the Singer

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Release Date of PorQue

Produced by Stef the song is an ecstatic one. The lyrics will definitely make us feel fascinated and euphoric. If you want to find the lyrics of this song then you are in the right place. 

Some facts about PorQue Song Lyrics

  • The Lyricist of this song is  Stef

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PorQue Lyrics - FAQs

1. Who is the Singer of the Song?

The singer of PorQue Song is Stef.

2. Who is the Lyricist?

The Lyricist is  Stef

3. What is the album name of the Song?

The PorQue is from the AnyMoreQuestions?

4. Where to check the Song Lyrics?

Viewers can check the full song lyrics on our page.