Pokemon Go Not Loading All Of A Sudden And This Is What Ninatic Says

Updated December 08, 2020

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Pokemon Go not loading, the Pokemon Go online status not working too and Pokemon Go down from 8th December 2020 morning and the players are stuck with how to fix it or how long the fix will take place. The players are muddled as there is an unexpected server downtime or error in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go not loading and the issue has been addressed by Ninatic’s Twitter handle. Read to know more on why Pokemon Go not loading and what you should do to fix it.

Pokemon Go Not Working, 2020 Update

Ninatic released a new update for Pokemon Go on 7th December, 2020. Levelling up was rebalanced in this update for the first time ever since the launch of the game. This made the Trainers happy and excited. And the very next day there’s been problem as the Pokemon Go stuck on loading screen. Many people have reported that they are not able to login to the game. 

Ninatic Tweets About Pokemon Go Online Status Not Working

Ninatic has acknowledged the issue and has let the community know that there is a problem with the game and has tweeted that they are investigating the server downtime and they have been updating about it. They have also now tweeted that the recent server downtime error has been resolved. So, probably there will be no more complaints that Pokemon Go won’t load, 2020.


Pokemon Go Not Loading - FAQ

1. What was the Go Beyond 40 update aabout?

The Go Beyond 40 update in Pokemon Go was that trainers who have completed upto level 40 can now go upto level 50.https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2020/12/07/its-not-just-you-pokemon-go-is-down-niantic-working-on-a-fix/?sh=3afa6a6012df

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