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PlayStation Error WS-38481-4: Check Here To fix PlayStation Error WS-38481-4

PlayStation Error WS-38481-4: Want to fix PlayStation Error WS-38481-4, then you are in the right place and it is often annoying when you are engaged with some error in your gaming console. In this article we shall see how to fix PlayStation Error WS-38481-4.

by Mary Veronical P | Updated Sep 15, 2021 12:28 PM

PlayStation Error WS-38481-4: Check Here To fix PlayStation Error WS-38481-4
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PlayStation Error WS-38481-4

There is no system working without an error. Encountering an error is a common process for any device or gadgets that you use in your day to day life. In the same way there are some common mistakes associated with the most popular gaming console PS (PlayStation). There are many different types of errors with different error codes. Now we shall see one of the common PlayStation Error WS-38481-4 and how to fix PlayStation Error WS-38481-4.

PS4 Error WS-38481-4

Don’t get irritated or annoyed when you are engaged with PlayStation Error WS-38481-4. This error is specifically associated with the PS4 console. Follow the below given simple and easy steps to resolve, so that you can enjoy your favourite game on the most popular gaming console.

1. Restart your PlayStation

This solution may seem to be more simple but it is the most efficificient quick remedy. Always restarting a device will autocorrect the bug or error that has occurred inside the system. This is not only a solution for PlayStation Error WS-38481-4 but also for any kind of error. And this remedy could be used for any system.

2. Check Your Network Status

It is a quick check that you have to do before starting your game on your PS4 console. Just ensure that your network is updated and is performing well without any obstacles. If you are encountering issues even though your network status is good then try by switching OFF and ON your Wi-Fi network modem. Always use some wired connection for Network and this will drastically reduce the probability of encountering any issues related to connectivity.

3. Use 5 GigaHertz Wi-Fi Band

If you are using a band that is chosen automatically then change it to 5 gigahertz. While your game plays obviously you will need some fast network connectivity that can help your PS to run smoothly without being struck. This is more likely to resolve PlayStation Error WS-38481-4. Even if your PlayStation Error WS-38481-4 is not resolved then go to the next step.

4. Change DNS Settings

Sometimes your DNS setting may be a hindrance for smooth functioning of your PS4 gaming console. For resolving an fixing PlayStation Error WS-38481-4 jst click your Wi-Fi network and go to advanced settings. From there go to change DNS settings to manual. Change primary DNS to and secondary DNS to This helps you avoid PlayStation Error WS-38481-4.

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PlayStation Error WS-38481-4 - FAQs

1. When was PlayStation introduced?

PlayStation was introduced on 3rd December, 1994.

2. When was PS2 launched?

PS2 was launched on 4th March 2000.

3. When was the PS3 launched?

The PS3 was released in November 2006.

4. When was PS4 launched?

PS4 was launched on 15th November 2018.

5. When was PS5 launched?

PS5 was launched on November 12, 2020.

6. Will there be a new PS6?

Yes, it has been confirmed on Twitter that PS6 is under research and development.

7. Who is the founder of PS?

Ken Kutaragi is the founder of PS.