Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg, How The Sunny Meadows Restricted Map Works In Phasmophobia ?

Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg: Phasmophobia is a ghost-hunting game that was launched in September 2020 it seems like a real ghost-hunting game and all you have to know is Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg. Read the article below to learn more about Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg.  

by Ushapriyanga Sureshkumar | Updated Sep 29, 2022

Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg, How The Sunny Meadows Restricted Map Works In Phasmophobia ?
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Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg

Phasmophobia is a ghost hunting game launched in September 2020. For the players in this game, it offers the scary ghost hunting game, where the players can interact with the plethora in its unique ways and also the players can hunt down players in this game. However, before the players play the game, they must first decide and investigate and choose the location for the investigation, with the map and its places. 

How The Sunny Meadows Restricted Map Works In Phasmophobia?

The players can choose the multiple maps in the Phasmophobia before they embark on a ghost-hunting adventure in the game. Then, you have to attack the ghost before it attacks you and your crew in the game. While you visit one of the ghost-hunting game locations, some of the restricted versions of the Sunny Meadows exist. So, all you have to do is, you have to know how the mao works in the restricted sunny meadows in the game Phasmophobia. 

Phasmophobia New Office Easter Eggs

Phasmophobia's new office easter eggs are, 

Sunny Meadows

  • In this Sunny Meadows, there is a better replacement for the previous asylum map. Sunny Meadow is a favourite for the players with multiple wings, and this easter egg has also been included. 

The Lighthouse In The Dark

  • This is one of the jokes patch additions where there is a map in the lighthouse in the VR Overhaul update on the Maple Lodge Campsite map. 

Penitentiary Puns

  • It has the more prominent locations in the game, which has the prison map, and it is safe to assume to the developers who enjoy the occasional pun. 

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

  • In this update, there are several voice recognition phrases that you can encourage the ghost activity like give us, show us and bloody mary 

666, The Number of the basketball hoop?

  • 666 had been used widely for the supernatural with the connotations which we can recognize in the iron maiden song 

A message from beyond the grove

  • It had started with the start-up era of the game, with a UV light revealing the messages left by the ghosts. 

Follow your heart

  • Easter egg found the maple lodge campsite map in the bathroom, where you can notice the white heart on the raised water tanks.

Ominous Blair Witch Symbol

  • One of the obvious things you often miss in this game is a homage to the Blair Witch film series and in the game. 

Jason Returns?

  • To find the easter egg, you must make the pier on the maple lodge campsite map, which is the iconic hockey from the Friday 13th franchise. 

Slender Man Is Watching

  • You can find it by walking on the edge of the map, and you can look for it in the forest for the next time when you can play on the campsite map as a slender. 

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phasmophobia sunny meadows easter egg - FAQs

1. How The Sunny Meadows Restricted Map Works In Phasmophobia? 

The players can choose the multiple maps in the Phasmophobia before they embark on a ghost-hunting adventure in the game.

2. What is Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg? 

, Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Easter Egg is a ghost hunting game

3. When the game was laumched? 

 launched in September 2020

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