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Palani Rope Car Online Booking: Palani Temple Rope Car Timings, Guide For Palani Rope Car Booking,

Palani Rope Car Online Booking a major attraction for tourists has been reopened and Tourists and those who wish to visit Palani temple have been pouring in with questions wanting to know more about the Rope car in Palani, the Palani temple rope car timings and Palani rope car online booking. If you are one amongst these thousands of seekers this article is the answer for you as we have collected, compiled and assembled all the details about  Palani rope car

by Niranjani Jesentha K | Updated Apr 13, 2021 12:45 PM

Palani Rope Car Online Booking: Palani Temple Rope Car Timings, Guide For Palani Rope Car Booking,

Palani Rope Car Online Booking

The Palani temple that is famous for Lord Murugan’s temples attracts hordes of devotees every year. This year the pandemic resulted in pausing the Darisanam as the Government had ordered. But then after a few months devotees were gifted with the blessing of Palani temples reopening. Despite opening the temple the rope car remained closed. It was only a few days ago that news about the Palani Rope car being reopened reached the ears of eager tourists and devotees. 

Rope Car In Palani

The rope car in Palani was yet another attribute in Palani that gathered multitude of people. This was one of the reasons why the authorities had kept the rope car services closed. But the great news of the reopen of the rope car in Palani brought excitement amongst all the devotees whose main source of entertainment after worshipping Lord Dhandayuthapani was traversing through this rope car wherein  they can enjoy the sight of the landscape. 

Palani Rope Car

The Palani rope car was a main source of attraction to children and they were overjoyed on hearing this news. The rope car facility was for the first time introduced in 2004. The rope car facility has on each two ropes four colourful cars. These cars voyage up and down the hill providing a major source of amusement, enjoyment and peace to travelers. The capacity in each of these four cars are 4 people and gives a bird view of almost the entire Palani town. The authorities and maintainers of Palani have also maintained an artificial waterfall as a source of entertainment for viewers. 

Rope Car Booking In Palani

The rope car in Palani is extremely maintained ever since an accident occurred on the rope car in 2007 that caused the death of a few people and the rope car was stranded mid air for almost 3 hours with passengers in it. Thus they aim to not just serve the people by providing a source of entertainment but also ensuring their source of entertainment is foolproof and completely safe.

Palani Rope Car Booking

Now that the Palani rope car is reopened let us look at the timings, cost and process of booking tickets for the Palani Rope car. The Palani rope car behinds their service at 7:00 AM and will go on till 1:30Pm after which an hours break is given. Their service resumes at 2:30 PM and will go on till 7:30 PM. The two way price for travelling in this rope is Rs.100. Initially the number of passengers was 350 but that was before the pandemic. Now the authorities would have changed the number of passengers and reduced the number.  

Palani Temple Rope Car Online Booking

The authorities looking after the Palani rope car have not started their ticket service online. Those who desire to traverse using the rope car need to purchase the tickets from the counter by going there physically. Those who wish to use the rope acr will need to provide ID proof. Further the temperature of these people will be checked as per the guidelines of the Government. Those who have symptoms like cold, fever, cough will not be permissible as per the Government guidelines. Booking for differently abled and old citizens needs to be done a day earlier.

Palani Temple Rope Car - Overview 

Palani rope car Timings 7:00 AM - 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Palani Rope Car ticket Cost Rs.100 for Two way
Palani Rope car tickets online availability The online ticket service of Palani rope car has not yet been started
Ticket for Old and Disabled The tickets for old and disabled need to be booked a day earlier

Now that you know all that is there to know about Palani rope car, its timings, the process of booking enjoy the service of Palani rope car.

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Palani Rope Car Online Booking - FAQs

1. When was Palani rope car started for the first time?

The Palani rope car was started for the first time in 2004

2. What is the cost of two way ride in  Palani rope car?

The cost of  Palani rope car two way ride is Rs.100

3. When can I book tickets for old and disabled for  Palani rope car?

The tickets for old and disabled need to be booked a day earlier

4. Is there online ticket booking available for  Palani rope car?

No there is no online ticket booking available for  Palani rope car

5. Should I bring ID proof for tiocket booking Palani rope car?

Yes, you need to bring ID proof.