Overwatch Patch Notes - Check Overwatch Update 3.00 Out, Overwatch Patch Notes for Update, Overwatch Patch Notes Ps4 2020, And More!

Updated: Nov 18,2020 07:43 GMT

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Overwatch Patch Notes - The developer of the game with the new updated version of Overwatch Patch Notes and this actually is a great version because it brings balance changes to the multiple heroes that are present in the game. Want to know more about the Overwatch Patch 3.00. This update promises to give the best of the game and also great adjustments that will help the players to play further in the game. In this article, we will discuss the Overwatch Patch Notes.

Overwatch Update 3.00

The developers have released Overwatch Patch Notes recently, and the people love this latest edition of the game. This new experimental patch update is fo the typical first-person shooters, but then every other player can play this game. These Overwatch Patch Notes will provide all the changes that are related to the heroes. They have introduced many features as well but with that Role queue ruleset that will, help the players to understand the new matches and then the play further. Let us check on the latest updates that have been introduced lately. 

Overwatch Patch Notes 3.00

General Updates


Focusing Beam

- Range reduced from 20 to 16 metres.



- Damage Increased from 28 to 30

Secondary Fire

-Spread decreased from 12 to 9


- Duration increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds

- Can be cancelled manually



Retracted projectile speed and damage of Storm Arrows to the previous values



- An increased volume of sound effects.


New Workshop Actions

  1. Attach Players
  2. Detach Players
  3. Start Forcing Player Position
  4. Stop Forcing Player Position

New Workshop Values

  1. Is In Alternate Form
  2. Is Duplicating
  3. Hero Being Duplicated

Hero Updates


  • Fixed the bug that would allow Reinhardt’s Charge to hit Echo when using her Duplicate ability
  • Fixed the bug where Echo would lose her ultimate charge if she dies with her ultimate target confirmation active
  • Fixed the bug with Echo becoming stuck in her Focusing Beam animation
  • Fixed the bug where a cloned hero’s communication wheel settings would not copy over properly


  • Fixed the bug that would cause Mei’s hat to fall off when using Cryo-Freeze while wearing her Meirry skin
  • Fixed the bug with Mei’s drone not animating correctly at the end of her Blizzard ultimate ability


  • Fixed the bug where Sombra could sometimes hack people right as they started an ability that would prevent hacking (i.e. Wraithform, Meteor Strike)


  • Fixed the bug where Symmetra Turrets could be placed on particular spawn doors.



  • Deathmatch – Fixed the bug where the end of round flow music would not transition properly.
  • Fixed the bug in which custom game settings were sometimes being reverted to default between rounds of a Control map or when causing one’s own death while Respawn as Random Hero is active.
  • Custom games will no longer shut down due to server load issues when using Mei’s primary fire with a 0% freeze rate.
  • Fixed the bug where custom game lobby privacy settings were reset when a share code was imported.

For more information on Overwatch Patch Notes, you can use this link to read the official release.

Overwatch Patch Notes - FAQ

1. Is overwatch worth getting in 2020?

Yes, definitely overwatch is worth getting in 2020 because of the addicting game modes and growing roster.

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