Is Opera Mini Chinese app? Opera Mini which Country App and Opera Mini Founder

Updated: Sep 10,2020 08:54 GMT

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Opera Mini Which Country App? Is opera mini Chinese App? Find the answer for these questions from this article. Opera Mini was founded in Norway by Jon stephenson von and Tetzchner Geir in 1995. Let’s Check whether Opera mini is a Chinese app or not? If you are interested to know more about Opera Mini App made in Which Country, read the article given below and also get to know about the software which is used in Opera Mini App. Scroll down the cursor to read the related details.


Opera Mini Belongs to Which Country?

All of us have become really cautious about the app we are using and we always check the background of any of the apps before downloading to ensure that it should not be any Chinese app because if the app happens to be of Chinese Origin it is not downloaded and it happened exactly after the Indian Government blocked the usage of 59 Chinese mobile apps. So for your knowledge, I am explaining here that Opera Mini App was founded by Jon Stephenson von and Tetzchner Geir in Norway long way back in 1995. A beta version was made and is available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. And so Norway is the country where Opera Mini was founded and still continues to run.

Is Opera Mini Chinese app?

Chinese Companies such as Beijing Kunlun Tech Co. Ltd & Qifei International Development Co. Limited invests 80% shares on Norweigan Opera Mini which leads to developed Softwares such as Opera Mini, Opera Mobile and this is the only link between Opera Mini and China. If we see from the operation point of view Opera Mini is a Norway based company and most of its offices are located in Norway only. Opera Mini can be controlled by Chinese Investors as they invest 80% shares on it. But the fact here is the companies/tech companies country origin is determined by the operator’s place and not from any other company which invests in it. Hence the Opera Mini app belongs to Norway and it is not totally a Chinese app.

Opera Mini is of Which Country?

Well, Opera Mini is a widely used web browser in Android. Few other apps such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1 phone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Bada were developed by Opera Mini which is not under active development. Launched in 2005, Opera Mini continues to be on the top 10 most used web browsers in the world, and Opera Mini is available in 90+ languages as of now.

Opera Mini Which Country App - FAQs

1. Is Opera Mini safe to use?  

Yes definitely, it is safe to use Opera Mini because each of its operating systems uses a version of Opera Mini with a different set of modes.


2. Is Opera Mini an Indian app?  

No Opera Mini is not an Indian app, it is a Norwegian web browser developed by Opera Software As.


3. Who is the founder of Opera Mini?  

Opera Mini was founded in Norway by Jon stephenson von and Tetzchner Geir


4. Is Opera Mini a fast web browser?  

Yes Opera Mini claims to be the fast web browser.


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