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JLS Only Tonight Lyrics, Read the Lyrics of Only Tonight Song

Only Tonight Lyrics: Only Tonight Lyrics from Movie name dropped recently and has gone viral and Lyrics of  Only Tonight Written by  , Only Tonight has some impressive beats. Only Tonight lyrics by JLS, has become very popular among the audience. As usual, JLS has done justice to the beautiful composition and lyrics through a beautiful rendition. Only Tonight from .has established itself in the top of the music charts. You can find the lyrics of Only Tonight below.  

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JLS Only Tonight Lyrics, Read the Lyrics of Only Tonight Song

Only Tonight Lyrics

Why you have to leave?
Please stay

Forgive me if I think
That you're making a bad decision
Forgive me if I try
Please don't go away

Don't blame me if I want
The two of us to stay together
So let me tell you why

If only tonight
If this is all I got
If I can't have your love
I won't get back up this time
If only tonight
I'll race you to the sun
Before the morning comes
If I can't change your mind
It's only tonight

And tomorrow you're gone
And we're just a song
I'm singing alone

Don't tell me all this time
That you weren't mine
And I meant nothing
Why would you end this dream?

Oh no, don't wanna wake up just yet
Don't ask me just to forget
Don't rip the heart out of me

I need you, I need you in my life
Nobody, nobody loves me like you
If there was something I could do
To stop you from leaving
'Cause we're not through

If only tonight, if only tonight
It's only tonight

Only Tonight Lyrics Key Notes


Release Date:November 9, 2009

Only Tonight Lyrics & Facts

Only Tonight from  Only Tonight could turn out to be a classic among pop rock Songs. Only Tonight which came out on has spread like wildfire. Only Tonight is gaining popularity even among people who don't know the language. So Only Tonight has turned out as a huge plus for   Only Tonight.

Some facts about Only Tonight Lyrics

  • This is JLS nth song.

Forgive me if I think That you're making a bad decision  Song by JLS

The Only Tonight is a beautiful song by JLS. His voice and the Only Tonight Lyrics are really melting to hear. This Only Tonight Song was released on   

Who is the person behind Only Tonight Song Lyrics? 

Only TonightLyrics are amazing and the writers of the song has nailed it to an extreme hit. How can a person write such lyrics? Wow it's been so touching and also gives a great feeling when we hear the song.

What's special about the Only Tonight Song?

If you are searching for the complete Only TonightLyrics, then stay connected on our page. The Only Tonight song was released on   The singer of the song is JLS. The singer and the lyricist along with the composer have given life to the song.

Only Tonight Song a beautiful composition

The Only Tonight song lyrics start with “Forgive me if I think That you're making a bad decision”. The heroes behind the Only Tonight song must be really appreciated and also thanked for giving us such a beautiful composition. The Only Tonight song lyrics was written by  JL

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Only Tonight Lyrics - FAQs

1. Who is the Singer of Only Tonight Song?  

The singer of Only Tonight Song is JLS.