Offline Games like PUBG, PUBG Like Games, Learn More About The Offline Games Like PUBG For Android

by Naveena | Updated January 13, 2021

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Offline Games Like PUBG maybe your quest if you're an outrageous PUBG fan, thanks to the PUBG ban and After the ban of PUBG Mobile Lite,fans have been searching for similar games like PUBG. Although Offline Games like PUBG are compatible with both high-end and low-end smartphones, the demand for offline games like pubg under 100MB and new games like PUBG is consistently increasing. PUBG Mobile Lite was perhaps the simplest pick from the lot when it came to battle royale games for low-end devices. Read more here to know the list of Offline Games like PUBG and the PUBG Like Games For Android. 


Offline Games like PUBG

PUBG Mobile reclassified the class of fight royale games soon after its release and touched the sky of popularity and became the most loved mobile games worldwide, including India. Its addictiveness left the fans in shock when the Government of India banned the game in the country. These Offline Games like PUBG can sure make you feel good. Here is the list of offline games like PUBG for Android.

Certainly, the ban on PUBG Mobile paved the way for other games similar to PUBG. This gave many other titles to come forward and hold their names in the gaming community. Some games have created a colossal offline approach to the battle royale genre and are worth giving Android users a shot.

1. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

This game is almost like PUBG Mobile Lite when offline battle royale titles are listed. Starfall is less than 500 MB in size and can conveniently be played on both high-end and low-end devices. The gameplay isn't as challenging to induce accustomed, and therefore the controls are way too simple. A cool feature during this game will allow you to respawn a maximum number of three times.

2. Swag Shooter

As the name suggests, this battle-royale title will be played online likewise as offline. While looking for supplies, you'll be able to also obtain scopes, such as you did in PUBG Mobile Lite, and equip your gun so you've got a more robust aim while shooting your enemies. You don’t even need to worry about space for storing because the game is barely 168 MB in size.

3. Free Survival Battleground Fire: Battle Royale

Free Survival Battleground Fire has survival shooting as its core theme just like PUBG Mobile Lite. the sport is about within the warfare era when unrest is at an all-time high. You will have many missions to fulfil during this fast-paced, action-induced title. On top of that, the download size is simply 89 MB.

4. Heroes Strike Offline – Battle Royale and MOBA

This game may not have realistic graphics like PUBG Mobile Lite, but it'll surely win you over with its cartoonish characters. you'll get regular content updates during this game such as you did in PUBG Mobile Lite, which is able to provide you with access to skins, arenas, modes, etc. Every match has 12 players, and therefore the game promotes 3 vs 3 combat variety of gameplay.

5. PVP Shooting Battle 2020 

There are over 20 offline missions that you simply can enjoy ticking off your list during this title. After completing the single-player campaigns, you'll also play it online together with your friends. You will also get access to new missions with the weekly update. The controls are very easy to understand, especially if you've got PUBG Mobile Lite.

What are Offline games like PUBG under 100MB?

1. Survival Battleground Free Fire - 80 MB

Survival Battleground Free Fire may be a shooting game that attempts to recreate game elements inspired by PUBG Mobile Lite. The game features several different game modes on a range of maps, including zombie modes, sniper modes, etc. These game modes allow the player to boost and brush up their shooting skills as they tackle multiple enemies all without delay and survive till the top, which is absolute to remind you of the challenging gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite. The game has decent graphics for its size and includes a distinctly military feel thereto, both in terms of looks in addition as gameplay.

2. PVP Shooting Battle 2020

PVP Shooting Battle could be a PUBG Mobile Lite inspired game that has both offline single-player and online multiplayer modes for players to enjoy. PVP shooting Battle over 20 different offline missions for the player to undertake, all including many action-packed goals to achieve. With quite some maps to play on and many cool weapons and kits to gather, PVP Battle could be a great shooting game that also allows for plenty of customization when it involves creating your character. Moreover, weapons and equipment also can be customized and upgraded as you progress through the sport. The maps are often explored using vehicles like cars and trucks, like in PUBG Mobile Lite and also the shooting interface of the sport is straightforward enough that any PUBG Mobile Lite player can master it in no time.

3. Free Squad Survival Battlegrounds

Free Squad Survival Battlegrounds is an alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite that gives offline single-player gameplay but manages to recreate the spirit of battle royale as closely as possible. The game has several game modes, including survival mode and war mode, within which the players have different challenges to beat. The player should tackle several enemies without delay, using the decently-sized arsenal of weapons that the sport provides to them. Like in PUBG Mobile Lite, you'll be able to explore the maps of the sport using various vehicles and might also hide within the grass or trenches to stealthily attack the enemies that are resolute get you.

Offline Games like PUBG - FAQs

1. Can unknown battlegrounds offline be played offline?  

No, unknown battlegrounds are not available offline. It is only available online and requires an Xbox Live Gold membership to be played on Xbox.

2. What are the other games like PUBG?

Call of Duty is one other good game like PUBG. 

3. Can I play Free Fire offline?

No, you cannot play Free Fire offline.

4. Can we play Call of Duty Mobile via Offline? 

As of now, no, you cannot play Call of Duty via Offline.

5. What games are like PUBG?

Like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire is a famous battle royale game which gained immense popularity within the Indian gaming community. The game is popular for the characters it offers as each of them has their unique style and ability.

6. Is PUBG banned in India?

PUBG is banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. The Government of India declared that the game was engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defence and security of the country.

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