Nvidia Display Driver R455 - Know all about NVIDIA Display Driver R455 and its Features

Nvidia Display Driver R455 - The Nvidia has come up with a new Driver called R455. Nvidia Broadcast requires Display Driver R455 and the Nvidia Display Driver R455 comes with the Quadro New Feature and also Nvidia Display Driver R455 consists of New Studio Features, CUDA 11.1 Support and more. Lets check out the complete details on Nvidia Display Driver R455 and its Nvidia Display Driver features here.

by Mubarak Ali

Updated Sep 19, 2020

Nvidia Display Driver R455 - Know all about NVIDIA Display Driver R455 and its Features

Nvidia Display Driver R455 - Release Updates

Nvidia display driver R455 is a driver with the Quadro New Feature (QNF). QNF drivers give users the flexibility to try out new features made available outside the launch cycle of long-lived branches of the Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE). Mostly the QNF drivers are tested for workstation environments and are only recommended for users that require specific features listed in release highlights or release notes.

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What are the features of Nvidia Display Driver R455?

New Studio Features

Added Support for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) for D5 Render and SheenCity Mars. 

DLSS is an AI super-resolution algorithm that utilises RTX Tensor Cores to boost frame rates while maintaining visual fidelity, increasing viewport interactivity.

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CUDA 11.1 Support

Support for the NVIDIA Broadcast application, which uses 
Quadro RTX GPU's dedicated Tensor Cores to offer: Removal of Noise: removes background noise from microphone feed. Virtual Background: removes the background from the feed of the webcam and replaces it with an alternative image, a game, a subtle blur, or a Windows app. Auto Frame: zoom in on the user and apply AI to track head movements, keep center.

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Nvidia Display Driver R455 - FAQ

1. Does Nvidia Display Driver R455 has Quadro New Feature?

Yes. Nvidia Display Driver R455 consists of Quadro New Feature that are tested for workstation environments.

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