Nurses 2020 Season 2 Release Date Expected Soon: The Medical Series Nurses Season 2 Air Date to be Out Soon!

by Shalini | Updated December 08, 2020

social social social social Nurses 2020 Season 2 Release Date Expected Soon: The Medical Series Nurses Season 2 Air Date to be Out Soon!

Nurses 2020 Season 2 Release Date is already highly sought after despite the fact that the season 1 of the series was just released. Nurses is a Canadian Tv series that saw its release in its home country during the month March in 2020. The series was the taken up by USA and they have been releasing it on NBC since December 2020. The fans of the show have been wanting know if there will be a Nurses series season 2, Nurses series 2020 season 2 characters, Nurses tv show where to watch and Nurses season 2 release date.

Nurses 2020 Season 2 Release Date

The Canadian Tv show Nurses was aired in Canada in March 2020 in Global Tv a Canadian channel. The series was warmly received by the audience and with time the series started gaining popularity. Nurses slowly started creeping into social media and binge watchers from across the world were being apprised of the existence of this Tv series.

Nurses Tv Show Season 2 Release Date

The immense popularity the series received resulted in NBC, USA buying the show. The show was already released in Canada in March 2020. Now NBC has started releasing the show with the first episode being released on the 7th of December 2020 with regular intervals between two episodes. The second episode is scheduled to be released on the 14th of December 2020 while the third episode is set to be aired on 5th January 2021.

Nurses Season 2, 2020

The producers of the show Illana Frank and Linda Pope had announced that there will be a Nurses season 2 even before the first season was released and that the production of season 2 has begun. But they are yet to announce the release date of season 2. Fans are hoping that the season 2 will be released in 2021.

Nurses Cast

The cast of Nurses season 1 are expected to return in Nurses season 2. The main cast of the series are listed below.

  • Tiera Skovbye as Grace Knight
  • Natasha Calis as Ashey Collins
  • Jordan Johnson – Hinds as Keon Colby
  • Sandy Sudhu as Nazneen Khan
  • Donald Mcclean Jr as Wolfe Burke

Nurses Series Season 2 Trailer

Nurses team are yet to release the trailer of Nurses Season 2. Nurses season 1 revolved around the lives of five nurses- their lives as a medical practitioner and their personal life. The second season is also expected to be a continuation of this.

Nurses 2020 Season 2 Release Date - FAQs

1. Will there be a Nurses season 2?

Yes there will be Nurses season 2

2. Is Nurses 2020 season 2 the finale of the series?

There have been no announcements as to whether the season 2 of Nurses Tv will be the series finale but fans hope that there will be more series in future.

3. Where can I watch Nurses Tv show?

You can watch Nurses series in the official website of Global Tv and Apple Tv.

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