Now, Delhi BJP Chief Adesh Gupta tests Covid positive

Updated: Sep 16,2020 07:18 GMT

social social social social Now, Delhi BJP Chief Adesh Gupta tests Covid positive


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New Delhi, Sep 16 (IANS) Delhi BJP Chief Adesh Gupta is the latest politician to have tested positive for coronavirus. He took to Twitter to announce this.

"Last week I had a Covid test done after having a mild fever, the report of which was negative. Due to continuing to feel uncomfortable, I went for a corona test again which came out positive," tweeted Gupta. He added that he has been quarantined for the past one week. However, he has urged if someone has come in contact with him off late, they should get tested.

This is not the first Covid positive case being reported from Delhi BJP headquarter. Recently, after an employee was tested positive, a testing drive took place as a matter of precautions.

Those who were found to be in contact with any Covid patients are asked to be in isolation.

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