N.K. media slams Seoul over alleged n-fuel purchase plan

Updated: Oct 18,2020 08:12 GMT

social social social social N.K. media slams Seoul over alleged n-fuel purchase plan


Seoul, Oct 18 (IANS) A North Korean media outlet on Sunday slammed South Korea that it allegedly approached the US to purchase nuclear fuel for a nuclear-powered submarine.

Meari, one of the North's propaganda websites, called a visit by Kim Hyun-chong, South Korea's deputy national security adviser, and his alleged talks with Washington, an "extremely dangerous" act that "destroys the peace of the Korean Peninsula, heightens tension and triggers an arms race", reports Yonhap News Agency

Earlier this month, South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo reported that Kim had travelled to Washington last month and expressed Seoul's intention to buy nuclear fuel from the US to run a nuclear submarine.

The newspaper said that US officials denied the request, citing its non-proliferation policy.

The Presidential officce in Soul did not confirm the report and said Kim's visit to Washington was to discuss bilateral and geopolitical issues.

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