New Halloween Overwatch Skins - How Long is the Halloween Event in Overwatch? Find Out Best Overwatch Halloween Skins

Updated: Oct 16,2020 04:39 GMT

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New Halloween Overwatch Skins - New Overwatch Halloween skins are available in the 2020 event. Halloween Horror 2020 was launched on 13 October with unlocks available throughout the runtime. Don't miss the opportunity to grab as many skins as you can before the New Halloween Overwatch Skins event concludes. Get more information about the New Halloween Overwatch Skins, How Long is the Halloween Event In Overwatch, Best Overwatch Halloween Skins from this article.

New Halloween Overwatch Skins

As we are in the month of Halloween, Overwatch's Halloween celebration is on. The Terror event was launched. It includes a share of special treats, like new Halloween-themed skins, wave-based horde mode Junkenstein's Revenge, emotes, and voice lines. Blizzard will raise the bar with its Halloween designs. It will make a true contender for the best event skins. 

How Long is the Halloween Event In Overwatch?

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event was launched on 13th October. The event will end on 3 November. It will give the fans plenty of time to get into ghostly shenanigans. Junkenstein’s Revenge is given new challenge modes and multiple maps in this year and will be transformed into their Halloween variants. 

The variants include haunted Pachimari player icons along with all the usual scary accessories. The fans can unlock eight new skins over the course of the event. Gamers can earn 3 skins through weekly challenges and can get 5 Legendary skins. 

What are Epic skins?

Gamers can participate in weekly challenges and earn Epic Overwatch skins during the 2020 Halloween Terror event. An Epic skin can be unlocked every week by winning nine games of Overwatch in quick play, arcade mode, or competitive. Once the skin’s challenge week is over you can't earn.

List of New Overwatch Halloween Skins

D.Va: Shin-Ryeong

D.Va gets the Legendary Shin-Ryeong skin. It is based on the Kumiho nine-tailed fox. Her Mech looks were designed by traditional Korean housing, with a tiled top. She has been given a short showcase with her new skin.

Brigitte: Stone

The Epic Stone skin of Brigitte transforms into an even sturdier form. The living golem is lit by rivets of energy that grants her life.

Genji: Karasu-Tengu

Genji's Karasu-Tengu Legendary skin was designed with the crow-like versions of Japan's mythological Tengu. A mesh of feather and bone let alone his sword.

Hanzo: Dai-Tengu

Hanzo's Dai Tengu Legendary skin is a recognizable Tengu form with red skin. This great Tengu can not be messed with, featuring an impressive outfit and embellishments to his skin.

Sigma: Flying Dutchman

Sigma skin in Halloween Horror 2020 is looking like a ghost pirate captain. It is titled as the Flying Dutchman. The Legendary skin has him sporting like an impressive beard. Gamers should not mistake him for Reinhardt until he levitates you up into the air. Here's an extended look:

Echo: Ragdoll

Echo is one of the new Halloween skins. This Epic Ragdoll skin will cover her in a nightmares and patchwork layer work. 

Sombra: Fantasma

Sombra is given the Fantasma Epic skin. It sets her hair and eyes alight with a neon glow. The skins in the pack will still make an impressive cosplay choice.

Winston: Werewolf

Winston makes a brief appearance in the trailer. He glows with a new look that’s even more beast-like than usual. He is with curved, pointed ears, and look like a gigantic bat rather than the usual mild-mannered gorilla but the outfit would imply a more standard werewolf.

New Halloween Overwatch Skins - FAQ

1. What are the New Overwatch Halloween Skins?  

The New Overwatch Halloween Skins are:

  • D.Va: Shin-Ryeong
  • Brigitte: Stone
  • Genji: Karasu-Tengu
  • Hanzo: Dai-Tengu
  • Sigma: Flying Dutchman
  • Echo: Ragdoll
  • Sombra: Fantasma
  • Winston: Werewolf

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