New God of Cricket: Who is the New God of T20 Cricket? Get more Details Here

Updated: Sep 28,2020 12:48 GMT

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New God of Cricket title can be offered to Rohit Sharma. Yes, Rohit Sharma has bagged the title of New God of Cricket in the T20 cricket and India has always been a country which has full of dedicated and hardworking players when it comes to cricket. And now, Rohit Sharma is considered to be the New God of cricket which is an honour to the Indian team and also to the country. Read this article to know more about the new god of T20 cricket.

New God of T20 Cricket - Rohit Sharma

We have seen Rohit Sharma playing for the team for quite a long time. One has seen how he plays and how much he is dedicated towards cricket and the team. Rohit Sharma has just not grown in the pitch, but we have seen him grow while playing and how he improves day by day. Rohit, one of the most excellent batsmen in the team, has been showing skills which are accepted by the Indian team. Rohit's contribution to the team is at the top level, which is actually appreciated by his members, and therefore New God of Cricket is bagged by him. 

His dominance and the adaptability for India is quite remarkable and relatable. INDIA may have lost against New Zealand in the T20 series, but then they still have their New God of cricket. When we tend to see the records of Rohit Sharma, then we see that is quite mind-blowing, and the way he has performed in the matches are quite remarkable which sets him apart from the other players. 

New God of Cricket is Rohit Sharma, and by now, everyone knows it. Rohit is the only player who has hit four T20I hundreds which is different. Apart from this, Rohit has hit 115 sices in the T20Is series that sets him different. There are several teammates with him in India, but this time, Rohit was the one who recorded the new list, and that is why he is considered to be the New God of Cricket. It is not at all wondering why he is the New God because he already deserved that place and won the title with his hard work and dedication. 

The progress of Rohit Sharma in the T20s has been continuously observed, and it is just levelling up day by day. The nature of Rohit Sharma is pretty much free-flowing, and the need to be aggressive only when needed makes him a steal, and therefore his game is just about the runs, but it is about himself also.

New God of T20 Cricket - FAQ

1. Who is the Old god of Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar was the old God of ricket. The way he played made him the Old God of Cricket.

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