Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working, How To Fix Netflix Picture-In-Picture Not Working?

Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working: Netflix, Inc. is an American subscription streaming service and production company based in Los Gatos, California. Fans are more interested in knowing why is Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working. In this article, we can find information about Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working and its fixes.

by Kowsalya Chinnadurai | Updated Nov 24, 2022

Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working, How To Fix Netflix Picture-In-Picture Not Working?
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Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working

Sometimes due to software bugs, issues, or even user mistakes, the PIP (Picture in Picture) mode stops working, leading to the now popup player. The user cannot enjoy the Netflix show and works on a different application simultaneously. But don’t worry; we have mentioned the best solutions that you can use to fix the Picture in Picture mode or popup player not working on Netflix.

What Is Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working?

Picture in Picture mode helps Netflix to play the video in a small popup player over other apps. But sometimes, the Netflix popup player stops working on phones and tablets. The Netflix popup player you see when you directly click the home button instead of the back button is the popup player working on the picture in picture mode, also known as PIP mode. This feature is available on devices like phones, including Android and iOS, and tablets, including iPads.

How To Fix Netflix Picture In-Picture Not Working?

Here are some fixes you can play with to make the Picture in Picture mode work again for Netflix. Try the solutions in the order they are given here and see which works for you. 

1. Restart the Device

Android or iOS system bugs and glitches can sometimes hinder Netflix, making the Picture in Picture mode not work perfectly. Restarting your phone may fix it quickly without any problem or much effort.

2. Update Your Device

Device updates do not only bring new features; they are also built to counter such glitches. Check whether your phone is up to date or not. Navigate to settings

3. Clear App Cache & Data

Cache and temporary files of the Netflix application can also be caused by the PIP mode not working. We’ll need to clean the app cache and data, respectively.

Clear Netflix Cache & Data

  • Long tap on Netflix and tap on app info.

  • Now tap on the storage & cache option.

  • Now clear the app cache. Only clear the Netflix cache and see whether the Picture in Picture mode starts working or not. If not, then clear the app data too.

  • Hopefully, this will fix the PIP mode on Netflix. If not, then check the next solution​​​​​​.

 4. Check whether PIP Mode is Enabled or Not

If Netflix is newly installed on your phone, then there may be chances that the picture-in-picture mode permission is disabled from the settings. Or if not, then it may get disabled by the user by mistake. Enabling it again will fix the Netflix PIP mode popup player.

  •      Long tap on Netflix and go to app info.

  •      From there, tap on advanced and see the picture status in picture permission. If it shows ‘not allowed,’ then tap on it and allow it.

This will fix the Picture in Picture mode not working issue on Netflix. These were all the fixes we recommend to try for the users in case PIP mode is not working on Netflix. If none of them helped you, then leave a comment below. We’ll try to update and add new possible fixes.


Netflix, Inc. is an American subscription streaming assistance and production company founded in Los Gatos, California. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, it shows a film and television series library through distribution deals and its productions, known as Netflix Originals. As of September 2022, Netflix had 222 million subscribers worldwide, including 73.3 million in the United States and Canada, 73.0 million in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, 39.6 million in Latin America, and 34.8 million in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Netflix Picture In Picture Not Working - FAQs

1. Why won't my Netflix do picture-in-picture?

Fortunately, a very easy fix for this problem is simply to restart your device.

2. How do I get Netflix to play Picture in Picture?

Netflix Picture in Picture now works on all your favorite SVOD platforms: - Netflix, - Disney Plus, - HBO Max, - Peacock TV, - Paramount+, - and more.

3. Why does picture-in-picture not work?

Launch YouTube and tap the profile picture icon. Step 2: Go to Settings > General. Step 3: Verify that Picture-in-picture is disabled. If it's disabled, turn it on.

4. How do you pop out Netflix?

Users will click a small icon at the bottom of the screen to use the pop-out player. Once the new window appears, you can resize it and position it wherever you'd like.

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