NBA 2k21 Patch Notes - What is the NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 File Size? NBA 2k21 Patch Notes Today

by Ritu Rathi | Updated December 15, 2020

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NBA 2k21 Patch Notes - The NBA 2k21 1.03 Update has been rolled and players of Xbox One and PS4 can get the NBA 2k21 1.03 Update now and If you are an Xbox One or PS4 player and wanted to know the list of nba2k21 patch notes, then stay connected on this page. The file size of the 2k21 Patch 1.03 is about 12 GB on Xbox and expected to be 22 GB on PS4. As the NBA 2k21 1.03 Update is rolled, know the NBA 2k Patch Notes, what does the NBA 2k21 update is all about and what are the bugs, fixes in NBA 2k21 Patch 3 from this article.

2k21 Patch Notes Today

2k21 Patch Notes Today - The NBA 2K players were eagerly waiting for weeks for the latest and all new NBA 2k21 Patch Notes. And finally the wait has come to an end as the patch notes have been released on December 14, 2020. The Patch has added  a new game play,mode fixes, cosmetic upgrades and bug and presentation fixes.

The file size of the new Patch is 1.5 GB on PlayStation 5.

What are the 2k21 Patch Notes Today?Take a look!

2k21 Patch Notes Today


  • Court floor updates have been made for:
  • Philadelphia 76ers Primary
  • Philadelphia 76ers City Court
  • Utah Jazz City Court
  • Brooklyn Nets City Court
  • Denver Nuggets Statement Court
  • Denver Nuggets City Court
  • Uniform updates have been made for the following teams:
  • Philadelphia 76ers (updated City uniform)
  • Chicago Bulls (updated City uniform)
  • New York Knicks (updated City uniform)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (updated City uniform)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (updated sponsor logo)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (updated sponsor logo)
  • Boston Celtics (updated sponsor logo)
  • Brooklyn Nets (updated sponsor logo)
  • Denver Nuggets (updated sponsor logo)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (updated sponsor logo)
  • Washington Wizards (updated sponsor logo)
  • The following players have received likeness and/or signature facial animation updates:
  • Paul George
  • DeMar DeRozan
  • Bradley Beal
  • Kemba Walker
  • Draymond Green
  • Rudy Gobert
  • Ben Simmons
  • Hassan Whiteside
  • Robin Lopez
  • Steven Adams
  • Isaac Okoro
  • Kelly Oubre Jr.
  • Cassius Stanley
  • Richaun Holmes
  • Precious Achiuwa
  • Josh Green
  • Aaron Nesmith
  • Tariq Owens
  • Edmond Sumner
  • Jalen Smith
  • Kira Lewis Jr.
  • Saddiq Bey
  • Steve Novak
  • Kelenna Azubuike
  • Devin Vassell
  • Chimezie Metu
  • Alen Smailagic
  • Naz Reid
  • Zylan Cheatham
  • The primary logo for the Toronto Raptors has been updated to reflect the latest design
  • Corrected a lighting issue in the historic Amway Center (Orlando Magic) arena
  • Addressed an issue with shorts displaying incorrectly in certain situations for classic teams
  • Resolved a rare hang when importing a face scan via the MyNBA2K app


  • Tightened up charge and block collision animations to prevent unwanted sliding
  • CPU defenders will now properly recognize the direction of a screen even after it has been flipped
  • Smaller “green release” windows on heavily contested shots
  • Fixed an issue with double-teams that was being used as an exploit
  • Adjusted breakout time of in-game emotes to prevent unrealistic movement
  • Corrected an issue with play graphics where the line for the pass would begin at MyPLAYER, even if they did not have the ball
  • Resolved an issue with certain settings sometimes getting reset when entering and exiting the menu when in a game
  • You are now able to change the Tempo and Rebound settings when you toggle the ACE manager ON/OFF
  • Players will no longer be able to move unrealistically while defending inbound passes during Garage Hoops games.

The City

  • The City is being decked out for the holidays! Coming Tuesday at 8AM PST!
  • Continued optimization and refinements to performance in the City
  • Various improvements and enhancements to buildings/objects/landscapes/lighting in the City
  • Further improvements have been made to invites and joining friends in the City
  • Streamlined the process of entering a store when you have a ball or vehicle equipped
  • The try-on feature should now properly work for the various standalone stores throughout the City
  • The Rep multiplier will now correctly appear in the postgame recap
  • Corrected an issue where the VC balance would not update immediately upon earning in various City events
  • Continued enhancements to the Puma Mania, Mobil 1, Kia Challenge, and Wacky Wednesday events
  • Fixed an issue in the postgame recap where overall rating was not correctly showing the tenths of a point (it would appear stuck at 99.0)
  • Addressed user-reported issues with Garage Hoops games and related flow
  • Added collision to the baskets in Warehouse Challenge games for players running underneath
  • Resolved an issue where the timer/counter would sometimes not track during workouts in the Gatorade Training Facility
  • Corrected some visual issues when using the subway
  • You are no longer able to enter and purchase items at stores for Affiliations you do not belong to

Pro-Am/The Rec

  • New Holiday uniforms have been added for Pro-Am games
  • Updated uniforms have been added for Rec Center games
  • Resolved user-reported issues with private matchmaking for Pro-Am Team games
  • Improved the ability of CPU players used as fill-ins for Pro-Am Walk-On games
  • Addressed an issue with invisible collision under the hoop in Pro-Am games
  • Addressed tracking issues with stats during games in the Rec Center
  • Resolved a hang that could occur in Pro-Am when editing the uniform while other players on the team were still in a game


  • Continued improvements to arena personnel positioning and behavior during postgame events, particularly in relation to on-court interviews
  • Your MyPLAYER’s body type will now properly be kept individually per save
  • Addressed an issue with the saved camera setting being reset after the pregame shootaround in MyCAREER games
  • You can now skip through the animation of your MyPLAYER walking back to the bench after being subbed out
  • Resolved a rare issue where newly applied tattoos could disappear when changing your MyPLAYER’s appearance
  • Fixed a rare hang that could occur in the Jump Shot Creator menu when customizing your shot
  • Fixed an issue where your difficulty could be reset after participating in a training session with Chris Brickley
  • Addressed a logic error in The Long Shadow when determining if your performance was good or bad in the Combine and Private NBA Team Workout
  • Corrected a situation in the Dunk Contest where the Round Recap overlay could stay on the screen for too long, obscuring the following dunk


  • Uploaded Player DNAs and prospects in uploaded draft classes will now retain their tattoos
  • Start from Offseason will now include the rookies in the 2020 NBA Draft
  • Addressed a hang that some users reported when attempting to start a new MyNBA while using a custom roster
  • Addressed a hang that some users reported when attempting to download/apply Team Designs into a MyNBA
  • Editing tattoos will now work correctly in MyNBA Online
  • Fixed a progression issue in MyNBA Online that was causing many players to have their overall rating incorrectly decrease over time
  • Resolved various stability issues in MyNBA Online
  • Contracts for released players will no longer appear on the salary cap when dead cap rules have been disabled
  • Players will now continue to age after their age has been edited
  • Various improvements have been made related to player training and flex scheduling
  • You are no longer able to edit players in a ranked MyNBA league
  • Improved G League player generation to allow for a more realistic prospect pool


  • Players will now be wearing the expected/correct clothing during The W Online games
  • The camera will now always keep both the player and the ball on screen in The W Online games
  • Added baseline media to WNBA arenas and made continued improvements to the positioning and behavior of all characters
  • Fixed a rare hang that could occur during the lottery in MyWNBA or The W
  • Addressed an issue in MyWNBA where the League MVP would also be shown as the Rookie of the Year after simulating through a season


  • Added Online VS, the difficulty used in both MyTEAM Limited & Unlimited, to Play With Friends games
  • The camera will now be positioned properly when a shooting foul is called during Triple Threat Challenge games
  • A number of under-the-hood support items have been added in preparation for upcoming MyTEAM Seasons.

NBA 2k21 Update Patch Notes

General Changes 

  • Makers have added a Halloween theme to the game. The players will now find Halloween themed decorations throughout the Neighborhood

  • Player likenesses have been improved for more than 60 NBA and WNBA players

  • Makers have added Heat vs. Lakers as the default Quick Play matchup. This is the fixture of the current NBA Playoffs 

  • Preparations for new 2K Beach Events coming later in October and November. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks


  • Some changes have been made give the set screen movement a more realistic feel

  • Solved the content holes that was the main reason for inconsistent side step pull-up jump shots

  • Some additions to the Shot Aiming system that will detect any modded controller abuse

  • Park dribble moves will now need Hall of Fame Tight Handles badge to use.  They have even disabled park dribble moves when calling for screens. This has been done in order to avoid any problems with switch screen side function


  • Fixed the issue of MyPLAYER not winning getting any new fans after certain in-game achievements.

  • Players were experiencing a hang while exiting MyCOURT after playing a 2v2 or 3v3 game in MyCOURT. Makers have fixed this issue


  • Preparations for the first $250K MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament GameDay!

  • Preparations for the Second Season of MyTEAM!

  • General improvements to The Exchange.

  • Added warning when skipping silver or gold Badge Upgrades for Hall of Fame Badges.

  • Addressed an issue when player cards appeared on Ball Drop boards


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect logo may appear from downloading other user’s save via the new Save Sharing feature.

  • Fixed a hang that was occurring in Play WNBA or NBA Today after being in WNBA Season mode.

NBA 2k21 Patch Notes

A new update for NBA 2K21 was released by Visual Concepts today. On September 28, we'll have all the information about the first patch. For PS4, Xbox One, NBA 2K21 Update 1.03 is available for download now. The download size is 22 GB (PS4) on the Playstation 4 and 5.7 GB on the Xbox One.

What is the NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 File Size?

NBA 2k21 Update 1.03 is being rolled out on both Xbox One and PS4. It's around 12 GB on Xbox, but the update is reported to be 22 GB on PS4. There are no NBA 2k21 Patch Notes just yet developers have a good idea of some of the changes that will be coming. We can expect NBA 2k21 Patch Notes will come soon. Mike Wang, NBA 2 K Gameplay Director, revealed that in NBA 2K21 Patch 1.03 fadeaways would get nerfed, and that the complete fix is also coming for anklebreakers. The expected NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 is given below. 

  • Pro Dribble Moves now unlock at 80 Ball Handle

  • Various Other Bug Fixes

NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 Notes today

If you are eager to know the NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 Notes, then just wait for NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 Notes release. Because there is no detailed information about the NBA 2k21 Patch 1.03 Notes. Once we come to know the NBA 2k21 new patch we will update on this page.

NBA 2k21 Patch Notes - FAQ

1. On what platforms is the NBA 2k21 Update 1.03 avaiable?

The NBA 2k21 Update 1.03 is rolled out on Xbox One and Ps4.

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