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My Apple Pencil Is Not Working, Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Working?

My apple pencil is not working, Most possibly the apple style pen just does not work, that may be due to various reasons we have just brought you the possible reasons and the solutions that might help you answer the question why is my apple pencil not working. Read further to know more about My Apple Pencil Is Not Working issue.

by Manuel Joshua | Updated Oct 23, 2021 04:17 AM

My Apple Pencil Is Not Working, Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Working?
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My Apple Pencil Is Not Working

Although the Apple Pencil is the greatest stylus for iPad, nothing is perfect, including the Apple Pencil. Maybe you've been doodling or taking notes when your pen strokes suddenly vanish from the screen. You wonder why is my apple pencil not working?

Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Working?

Given below are some of the possible reasons for Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Working

  • Compatibility Issue

  • Problems Due To Damaged Nib

  • Due to Charging Issues

  • Trouble With the Pairing

How To Fix My Apple Pencil is Not Working Issue?

Here is the possible explanation to fix your Apple stylus pen if its not Working based on the reasons that we have given under Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Working:

Compatibility Issue May Be The Reason

Your Apple Pencil is properly paired, charged, and has a new nib, yet it still doesn't work. It's possible that the programme you're using is incompatible in this scenario. Make sure the drawing or note-taking software you're planning to use can handle the Apple Pencil, especially if it's a paid app.

Your Apple Pencil may not be compatible with your hardware beyond that. To see if your iPad is compatible, go to the App Store and search for "iPad."

Problems Due To Damaged Nib

The quality of your Apple Pencil's tip (also known as the nib) can make it difficult to draw accurately on your iPad. The nib on the Apple Pencil is slack, so you'll only have to tighten it. If, on the other hand, the Apple Pencil nib feels harsh to the touch or doesn't glide smoothly across your iPad screen, it's time to get a new one. (Another way to determine is if the tip of your Apple Pencil has metal exposed.)

The first-generation Apple Pencil includes one replacement tip, whereas the second-generation Apple Pencil does not. Fortunately, you can buy an Apple Pencil tip replacement pack so you'll always be prepared to replace the nib when necessary. (You'll discover

The Problems Due to Charging Issues

Your Apple Pencil may have stopped operating due to a lack of battery power. Fortunately, determining this is simple: look at the Today View on your iPad to see how much power your Apple Pencil has remaining.

The way you charge your Apple Pencil differs depending on the model. If you have an Apple Pencil from the first generation, attach it to your iPad's Lightning connector or charge it over USB using the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter. In the meanwhile, a second-generation Apple Pencil can be charged by connecting it to the magnetic connector on your iPad.

Trouble With the Pairing

It's possible that your Apple Pencil became disconnected from your iPad. To be sure, check the Bluetooth settings on your iPad. Re-pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad if Bluetooth is enabled.

To link an Apple Pencil from the first generation (see our Apple Pencil 1 review), simply connect it to your iPad through the Lightning connector, which will prompt you to pair it. If you have a second-generation Apple Pencil, simply connect it to your iPad's magnetic connector to pair it.

Ask an Apple Tech Support

Hopefully, an Apple Genius will be able to figure out what's wrong with your Apple Pencil and get you back to sketching or drawing. All is not lost, though, if Apple is unable to repair or replace your Apple Pencil for whatever reason.The apple tech Support team will be able to guide you 24/7 with the issues you'd be facing with.

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My Apple Pencil Is Not Working Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Working - FAQs

1. How do you reset Apple Pencil?  

You may have noticed there is no reset button on Apple Pencil, and no removable battery. So, you can't just restart your stylus when it's not working properly … unless you wait for its battery to die. Luckily, restarting your stylus probably isn't necessary.

2. How do I fix my Apple Pencil unresponsive?  

If Apple Pencil is acting unresponsive, it is most likely out of battery. Try plugging the pencil into your iPad (Pencil 1) or placing it on the side of your iPad (Pencil 2) and letting it charge for about ten minutes. Then try using it again. You may need to re-establish connection with your iPad

3. How do I know if my Apple Pencil is broken?  

The Apple Pencil's nib is loose – which means you'll just have to tighten it. However, if the Apple Pencil nib feels rough to the touch, or it doesn't glide smoothly on your iPad screen, it's time to replace it with a new one. (Another way to tell: your Apple Pencil tip has exposed metal.)

4. Why does my Apple Pencil randomly stop working?  

One of the most common reasons why your Apple Pencil gets disconnected during usage is simply because it ran out of battery. ... Once you've charged it enough, try using your Apple Pencil again. You can always check battery of Apple Pencil and other connected devices from the Battery widget.

5. How long does it take to charge a dead Apple Pencil?  

15-30 minutes

With the adapter attached, simply plug in the Apple Pencil to any Lightning cable laying around. Again, the Apple Pencil should charge within 15-30 minutes from a dead battery.