My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update, Vianey And Allen Where Are They Now?

My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update: Vianey And Allen are a couple who grew famous from the show My 600 Lb Life, so the real question surrounding the viewers' heads is to know more about My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update. Did they pursue their weight-loss journey or not? We have cleared all your doubts in the upcoming passages under the title "My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update". Take a look!

by Fredrick Fabian Daniel | Updated Jan 12, 2023

My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update, Vianey And Allen Where Are They Now?
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My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update

We can say that Vianey and Allen's lives have changed for the better; the duo has lost nearly 500 pounds. And currently, the duo runs a joint FB page where they reveal and update their weight loss journey to inspire other people. She thanked God for a second chance, and she has collaged a tremendous body transformation picture. They were seen losing weight on the series, with Allen going from 648 to 376 pounds, and Vianey dropping to 368 lbs. Since then, they have collectively lost 500 pounds and look significantly different in pictures as per realitybit. One can definitely understand her dedication and gratitude in her post. We were able to find these insights after referring to thecinemaholic. 

Vianey And Allen Where Are They Now?

Where are the duo Allen and Vianey? They came under the media's attention from their appearances in 600 Lb life. 600 Lb life is a documentary showing the experience of what it's like to live as a 600 lb person and the challenges and discrimination they face. Well, we are unsure about Vianey's job. However, we read that Allen is currently serving his role as an Amazon delivery guy. Their journey from being fat to fit is a deal. We referred to thecinemaholic.


Image Source: Facebook


Image Source: Facebook

Vianey And Allen 600 Lb Life

Vianey and Allen share a joint Facebook, and one of their post read this; "It's exactly one year since I arrived in Texas. I remember that day I couldn't even stand but a few seconds. A year later, I can do that and more. I can't believe that I feel like a completely different person. I am not where I want to be, but I'm not where I started a year ago. I thank God for another chance at life." The post sounds grateful and calm, and we can see Vianey is making a lot of progress in her weight loss. We were able able to uncover these details after skimming through their Facebook.

Vianey And Allen Now 2022

There was also a FaceBook post which captions, "Allen has always been a sweet, happy guy... Now he's a sweet, happy, healthy guy! He loves the new and improved him!" Allen has made pretty good progress as well. Previously you might have seen Allen's desperate addition to fast foods and beverages, and when we talk about beverages, we guess Starbucks might've crossed your mind. Yes, he was a Starbucks coffee addict as well, but after a thorough diet, he tried Starbucks after 15 months. And Allen said that he doesn't like trying Starbucks coffee anymore! We referred to thecinemaholic to unwrap these reports.

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My 600 Lb Life Vianey And Allen Update - FAQs

1. What does Allen do for a living?

We read that Allen is currently serving his role as an Amazon delivery guy

2. Did Allen from my 600 lb life lose weight?

Yes, and the results were inspiring many people who just stared their weight loss journey.

3. Did Vianey recover from her mental health conditions?

Vianey has changed a lot, and we believe that she is doing better now.

4. When did the duo marry?

The duo was married on 12/12/12

5. Did Vianey and Allen marry?

Yes, the duo from My 600 lb life were married to one another on 12/12/12.

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