Mr Smith Daughter Riddle - Check Out the Mr Smith Daughter Riddle Answer and Explanation

Mr Smith Daughter Riddle - Check out the riddle and answer for Mr Smith Daughter Riddle here. On various social media sites like Facebook, whatsapp Mr Smith Daughter Riddle was shared. Read more to check Mr Smith Daughter Riddle and the explanation for the same.  

by Suganya Vedham | Updated Sep 01, 2020

Mr Smith Daughter Riddle - Check Out the Mr Smith Daughter Riddle Answer and Explanation

Why should you solve Mr Smith Daughter Riddle or other riddles?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus  and the ongoing pandemic, people are made to stay inside their home due to safety concerns and are unable to meet anybody in person; To overcome it,  they have become connected with friends and family through social media sites, phone calling and video conferencing. As people have got ample of time to spend, they are spending time on social media and hobbies. These days challenges and riddles have become a trend on social media.Mr Smith Daughter Riddle was shared frequently on Whatsapp groups and other social media sites. Here is the Mr Smith Daughter Riddle for you to solve.

Mr Smith Daughter Riddle

Riddles are brain teasers that are considered as a healthy source of entertainment. They exercises your thinking ability, and are considered fun.They can make you feel stupid when you can’t sove them and they may even make you angry when someone finally tells you the answer. Here is the Mr Smith Daughter Riddle:
“Mr Smith had Four daughters, each daughter had a brother. How many children does Mr Smith have?”
Think.. Think… Think… can't figure out? Read on to know the answer.

Here is the answer to the Mr Smith Daughter Riddle

This riddle has manys missing variables and information. When there is missing data, you have to make assumptions for the answers. And, your conclusion will be based only on the provided data and the assumptions.
The riddle plays around the words and tense. It says that Mr Smith (had) Four daughters, each daughter (had) a brother. How many children does Mr Smith (have)? So the answer could be none. Because the given data is in past tense and the question is asked in present.
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Mr Smith Daughter Riddle - FAQs

1. What is the answer to Mr Smith Daughter Riddle?  

Assuming the tense factor used in the riddle, it can be concluded that Mr smith has no daughters in present i.e. answer is zero.

2. Solving riddles is helpful?  

Yes solving riddles is good activity for the brain as the world is drowning with negativity associated with the Corona Pandemic. This is because of the fact that riddle challenges an individual’s thinking and problem solving abilities and helps in resetting the mood.

3. Why are puzzles and riddles trending on social media?  

There’s too much negative news and boredom due to the Corona pandemic and lockdown. Hence people are spending the free time taking up social media challenges and sharing riddles to beat boredom.

4. What is the difference between a tricky riddle and an usual riddle?  

Tricky riddles and riddles have the same level of difficulties; it has just become a new trend to use ‘tricky’ before every riddle. 

5. Can you create a riddle by yourself?  

Yes. it is possible. For creating your own riddle, start with the answer and work your way back to create a question. Use figurative language and clues.