How to Play MPL Game - Complete guide on How to Play Mobile Premier League Game and Win Cash in MPL

Updated: Sep 08,2020 03:55 GMT

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How to Play MPL Game - Know the Complete guide on How to Play Mobile Premier League Game and Win Cash in MPL. Mobile Premier League also known as MPL is the mobile e-Sports application platform which has a base in India. One can win paytm cash by playing this MPL game and also be referring this to your friends and family. How to play MPL game gives complete steps in helping a user on how to play the game.

How to Play MPL Game?

Mobile Premier League (also known as MPL) is the mobile e-Sports platform application that has a base in India. It is founded by Bangalore-based Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd.Users can compete in multiple skill based mobile gaming tournaments on MPL. It was launched first in September 2018 and as of April 2019, it claims a user base of more than 25 million. MPL is as a platform where users can signup to play skill-games and win cash prizes in return. User can choose to play from three different format of games. They are tournaments, 1-vs-1 battles and Fantasy sports. The article gives a full detail on how to play MPL game.

How to Play and Win Cash in Mobile Premier League?

The following steps have to be followed to play the MPL game:

1. Download the application - To get started with the MPL game, first, download the .apk file from the official website. Google Play Store does not host a version of the application, yet.

2. Choose or select a game - Once you have downloaded the MPL game, select the game that you wish to play. Mobile Premier League has an wise and extensive list offering over ten games.

3. Choose battle 1v1 or tournament - Then, either compete with other players in 1v1 matches, join a tournament or register yourself for an upcoming tournament.

4. Set a particular score - Play the games available in the MPL app and set new scores on a regular basis. Then, submit the scores, which could bring you instant cash.

Click here to download the MPL app and play games,

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How to Play MPL Game - FAQ

1. Does MPL really give money?

Yes Mobile Premiere League really adds cash in Paytm. One can earn money by winning games in the app or by referring the gaming app to friends and family too.

2. Is MPL app safe?

Yes, MPL app is completely safe. Some people think it is scam. The spend too much money thinking they will always get profit by winning. But sometimes when they excessively lose the game, they don't get money and feel its a scam.

3. Is MPL banned in India?

No MPL is not banned in India. It is not available in google play store due to some technical issues.

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