Most Popular Sports Teams in the World: The Top 5 Most Popular Sports in the World and Popular Sports Team Here

Most Popular Sports Teams in the World - As many beleaguered sports franchises yearn for a much more massive fanbase, with more media attention and high exposure, some natural hog the spotlight. Scroll down to read more about most popular sports teams in the world, the top 5 most popular sports in the world from this article. 

by Isaimozhi K | Updated Oct 19, 2021

Most Popular Sports Teams in the World: The Top 5 Most Popular Sports in the World and Popular Sports Team Here

While many struggling sports organisations strive for a greater fan base, more media attention, and increased visibility, some naturally dominate the limelight. These clubs continue to shine under the keen eye of sports media, whether they have an amazing championship resume, a prodigious roster, or annual scandal.

A team of players for a few, an institution for a few others and religion for many, Sports teams are the most popular excitement, love and just craziness. The joy of victory which a team shares supporters is divine. The enthusiasm and power which sports can generate is astonishing. They can even make or break millions of hearts and create confidence in a matter of seconds! They make sure we wake up every day and have something unique to look forward to. These teams provide us with pure, spontaneous joy and have always given us memories to last a lifetime!

#5. Indian Cricket Team

The Men in Blue that is led by the charismatic M.S. Dhoni is one of the most popular teams are the world with over a whopping about 1.6 billion followers! This is the most extensive cricket fan base in the world. They are worshipped by thousands all over and are some of the most famous figures in the vast sports world. This is one os the the most successful teams that has produced some of the greatest cricketers, like Sachin Tendulkar, who is widely known as the “God of Cricket” and M. S. Dhoni who is widely known as captain cool. The Indian Cricket Team is the most significant in the game in terms of wealth and has the highest number of sponsors. It is a full-time member of the ICC with a Test and One Day International status.

#4. The Los Angeles Lakers

One of the successful team of the NBA with 16 championships and the most valuable NBA franchise, the Lakers are undoubtedly the most popular Basketball team and the fourth most popular sports franchise in the world. The ‘Hollywood Team’, well known, attracts some of the biggest celebrities to the Staples Center and has one of the most extensive fan bases across the world. Boasting off players like Lt. Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, this is one of the most decorated clubs in terms of players. Sixteen Hall of Famers have participated for Los Angeles Lakers and 4 of them have won the NBA Most Valuable Player awards for a total of 8 times. The Los Angeles Lakers are also the record holders for the longest unbeaten streak of 33 games in the NBA.

#3. The New York Yankees 1920's that is in China

With a high success rate since 1920, the Yankees have been and continue to be one of the popular sports team in the world. They are the 3rd most valuable team across that is worth $1.7 billion. They have a fan base in almost every continent and are the most diverse Baseball team. Their popularity has spread in China, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico and Egypt apart from their ever-growing popularity in the U.S. and Canada. Their rivalry with Boston Red Sox is well-known rivalries in the game. They hold the record for highest attendance for home games and the for the travel supporters.

#2. The Dallas Cowboys

The second highest valued sports team in the world and wealthiest team, the Dallas Cowboys are the best known NFL team. The Cowboys are the NFL team to record 20 winning seasons. They are also the joint holders for most Super Bowl appearances in the NFC championship. They also have one of the largest fan bases in the world with increasing popularity in the subcontinent, Australia, Africa and Argentina. They have the highest number of home sellouts in the NFL and earn the highest stadium revenues in the NFL.

#1. Manchester United F.C.

The Red Devils are the victorious team in English Football and are synonymous with the ‘Football’. They are wealthiest and the most popular Sports Franchise in the world with a fan following across the globe. They are the successful team in the English Premier League with about 19 titles and have produced the biggest and names on the game. Manchester United has been announced the most valuable sports team in the world for three years in a row consecutively by the Magazine. This year, the amount of the club estimated to be more than $3 billion, and it is the first sporting franchise to achieve. Manchester United owns the record for the highest average stadium attendance ever EPL the third highest in Europe. 

S.No  Most Popular Sports Teams in the World
1 Manchester United F.C.
2 The Dallas Cowboys
3 The New York Yankees 
4 The Los Angeles Lakers
5 Indian Cricket Team
6 Michigan Wolverines Football
7 Boston Red Sox
8 Detroit Red Wings
9 New York Giants
10 Arsenal F.C.
11 Pittsburgh Steelers
12 Philadelphia Phillies
13 F.C. Barcelona
14 Green Bay Packers
15 Montreal Canadiens
16  New York Knicks
17 Toronto Maple Leafs
18 Duke Blue Devils Basketball
19 San Francisco 49ers
20 Boston Celtics
21 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football
22 Kentucky Wildcats Basketball
23 Miami Heat
24 Chicago Bears
25 A.C. Milan
26 Alabama Crimson Tide Football
27 New York Jets
28 North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball
29 Texas Longhorns Football
30 Chicago Bulls
31 Bayern Munich
32 Liverpool F.C.
33 USC Trojans Football
34 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
35 New England Patriots
36 St. Louis Cardinals
37 Dallas Mavericks
38 Atlanta Braves
39 San Francisco Giants
40 Chelsea F.C.
41 Texas Rangers
42 Philadelphia Eagles
43 Chicago Blackhawks
44 New York Rangers
45 Calgary Flames
46 Ohio State Buckeyes Football
47 New Orleans Saints
48 Ottawa Senators
49 Portland Trailblazers
50 Philadelphia Flyers

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Most Popular Sports Teams in the World - FAQ

1. Which is the Top 1 Most Popular Sports Teams in the World?

Manchester United F.C. is the Top 1 Most Popular Sports Teams in the World

2. What is the 2nd most popular sports team in the world?

The Dallas Cowboys is the 2nd most popular sports team in the world

3. Who is the captain of Indian cricket team?

Virat Kohli is  is the captain of Indian cricket team

4. Which captain is often refered to as the Captain Cool?

M. S. Dhoni is often refered to as Captain Cool

5. What are the top 5 Most Popular Sports Teams in the World?
  • Manchester United F.C.
  • The Dallas Cowboys
  • The New York Yankees 
  • The Los Angeles Lakers
  • Indian Cricket Team
6. Is Arsenal F.C. a part of the Most Popular Sports Teams in the World?

Yes, Arsenal F.C. is a part of the Most Popular Sports Teams in the World

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