Most Indians keen to explore virtual dating in Metaverse: Research - New Delhi News

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) Apart from exploring shopping, socialising and attending virtual concerts, Indians are keen to explore virtual dating in the Metaverse, a new research said on Monday.

by IANS | Updated Feb 13, 2023

Most Indians keen to explore virtual dating in Metaverse: Research - New Delhi News

According to financial services technology firm FIS research, about 60 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women are interested in trying out dating virtually in the Metaverse.

In India, where arranged marriages are common and traditional gender roles often limit dating opportunities, the Metaverse offers a new way for people to meet and potentially find a romantic partner, said the research.

In Metaverse, users can create avatars in a virtual world to represent themselves and interact with others in a variety of environments, such as virtual bars, clubs, and other social spaces.

People who are shy or have difficulty meeting new people in person may find these virtual dating platforms particularly appealing, the research mentioned.

While virtual dating is not the same as in-person dating, it still provides a way for people to connect and build relationships.

Although Metaverse dating is still in its early stages, it is gaining traction in India.

Platforms such as Metavibe, Mingout and SwoonMe have a different approach to dating, offering new-age dating experiences for their users.

More and more brands in India are investigating and implementing technologies like Metaverse to provide a variety of services such as gaming, banking, dating, shopping, product launches, and so on, according to the research.

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