Monster Hunter World (MHW) Patch Notes - MHW Fatalis, MHW Iceborne Patch Notes PC, MHW Iceborne Update Schedule

Updated: Oct 12,2020 09:25 GMT

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MHW Patch Notes - Find the latest Monster Hunter World (MHW) Patch Notes and the MHW Iceborne patch notes pc has also arrived. Monster Hunter World patch notes are the developer post-launch changes and include fixing of glitches in the game. MHW Iceborne patch notes version 15.01 is available on 1st October. Coming to the MHW Fatalis legendary black dragon will be available after completing the Iceborne story and  Alatreon investigation. Let's have a look at the latest MHW Iceborne update schedule, MHW Patch Notes from this article.

MHW Patch Notes

The latest Monster Hunter World update is out now and includes a bunch of new features, bug fixes, but Capcom has stated that there is a limited voiced dialogue in the two new quests due to the impact of the global coronavirus outbreak.

MHW Iceborne Patch notes PC

The monster hunter world patch notes are available from 30 th September (PDT) 5 p.m to 1st October (UTC) 0:00. To download the monster hunter world game players must need 3.1 GB required and High Resolution Texture Pack of 1.7 GB. The mhw iceborne patch notes pc addition or changes include

Fatalis has been added

Arch-tempered Velkhana has been added and will be available in a limited-time event quest.


  • Soul Stream III has been added to the First Wyverian Ritual at the Elder Melder

  • You can now use rarity 9 decorations and higher as materials at the Elder Melder

  • The following decorations can now be melded at the Elder Melder

  • Elementless Jewel 2, Shield Jewel 2, Sharp Jewel 2, Dragonseal Jewel 3, Mighty Bow Jewel 2, and Mind's Eye Jewel 2

  • New BGM can now be played in your room in Seliana

  • New layered armor added

  • New Pendants added

  • Decor can now be obtained from the Steamworks' Overdrive bonus

  • When add-on content that hasn't been purchased is available,the following menus will let you jump to various purchase pages

  • Gestures, Poses, Stickers, Change Appearance, Pendant Settings, Change the Handler's Outfit, Room Customization, Music Player, and Figures

MHW Iceborne Update Schedule

Each month, as with the base game, World, Iceborne on consoles has received regular updates that add some new quests and monsters (along with collecting gear). The PC port has a similar staggered release for additional content in its attempt to maintain parity with the console version.

MHW Patch Notes

Patch Version 14.02

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain monsters such Glavenus, Acidic Glavenus, Anjanath, and Fulgur Anjanath to perform unintended behavior towards Palicoes when they're brought on a quest

  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause players

Patch Version 14.01

Main Additions / Changes

  • Data related to future event quests has been added

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments

  • The following issues were fixed in this update.

  • French: A spelling mistake in the update notice window was corrected.

  • Previous: l‘incidence de la pandémie du coronavirus (CODIV-19)

  • Corrected: l‘incidence de la pandémie du coronavirus (COVID-19)

Patch Version 14.00

Required Space

  • PlayStation®4: About 1.3GB (only this update)

  • Xbox One: About 1.4GB (only this update)

MHW Patch Notes - FAQ

1. When will the MHW Iceborne Version 15.01 be available?

The MHW Iceborne Version 15.01 is available on 1st October 2020.

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