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Moj App, How To Download Moj Apk And Install Moj Short Video App And Its Features

Moj is India's own short video app and the Moj app has been in huge demand since the ban of TikTok. Moj App, the ShareChat launched the application, is like a Tik Tok App that was created to provide the service of Creating Moj short videos app, lasting up to 15 seconds. This article covers all the details of the Moj App from its features to guide you  How to Download and Install App Moj, how to Use this App and Moj app, which country.

by Niranjani Jesentha K | Updated Feb 10, 2021 03:44 AM

Moj App, How To Download Moj Apk And Install Moj Short Video App And Its Features

Moj App

The Moj App, developed by SharChat, provides features that are similar to the TikTok. The Moj App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. ShareChat developed the app that resembled TikTok when the speculations about the ban of TikTok spread like a wildfire. The Moj app is also a video making an app like the TikTok wherein users can make videos laying 15 seconds. This short video sharing app called Moj has crossed 50 million downloads in Google Play Store. Moj has also turned out to be the first homegrown app to reach the milestone within a month and a half. Moj was made available in the Play Store on June 29, the same day when the Indian government banned 59 apps of Chinese origin, including the popular TikTok video-sharing app.

A design overhaul has been given to the Moj app, which has led to a new logo. The logo developing team has gone to a more colourful logo this time with tints of purple and pink from a yellow/black logo. You can check the new logo for the Moj App from Google Play Store and App Store.

Moj App India download

The ShareChat short video app Moj, an Indian regional social media platform, was launched silently to fill in the void left by TikTok. Moj App Download is available free on the Google Play store and provides similar features to TikTok in terms of short videos, special effects, stickers, and emoticons. It allows downloading the video. A feature that is worth mentioning regarding the app is that it supports upto 15 Indian languages. By providing this service they have catered to the needs of the diverse Indian population. This in itself is an attraction to the app as they are rendering their service even to those who are not seasoned English.

How To Download Moj App?

Moj App Download Free: the Moj app is free to download and is made available on both Google Play Store and on Apple App Store. The App can be downloaded like any other app. If you are still confused about the process of download the specs below will guide you through

  • Open your PlayStore or App store

  • Search for the Moj App using the search option

  • The Moj App screen will open

  • Click on the Install button

  • Apple Users might need to give the password they have set to download

  • Click on the allow button after reading through the instructions

  • The app will be downloaded

Here is the link to download the Moj App

Moj App by ShareChat

More than 50 thousand users have downloaded it in the short period of it being listed on the Play store and have earned it an overall rating of 4.3. Moj App by Sharechat was released almost immediately after Tiktok was banned by the Indian Government among 59 Chinese apps

What are the features of Moj App?

  • Moj App the Indian App has a number of special effects that will enhance your selfies and photos

  • The app also has thousands of stickers, and magical emoticons. 

  • Cutting edge Magic filters produce unique Music Videos with special effects in full sync with the rhythm of the music

  • Moj App consists of a number of other features such as as-video editing, full camera filters, editing tools, and much more 

  • Moj App is a global forum for short video production, where everyone has a chance to gain attention, trillions of video views, and quickly become the next Internet sensation

  • Moj app supports upto 15 languages.

Moj App which Country App?

ShareChat is the parent company of Moj app. The ShareChat is an Indian social media platform which was created in 2015 by Mohalla Tech Private Limited. Since the parent company of Moj App is Indian the app itself is Indian Moj App India download lets users upload and embellish 15-second clips with filters and emotes. The Moj App made in India also offers lip-syncing features. The interface is pretty user friendly and quick. Notably, the Moj short video App download does not support English the same as ShareChat. 

Other Moj similar Apps

The ban of TikTok propelled many developers to develop apps like TikTok as a result of which there are many apps like TikTok in India like Chingari, Mitron, and Roposo are also available and have been around for some time in the short-video space. Moreover, these Apps have received a lot of attention from the audience in recent weeks too. Roposo was released in 2014 and has so far reached the 5-crore download mark. Meanwhile, Chingari, who came into space in 2018, has now hit the 50-lakh-downloads mark. To a surprise, only in April 2020, Mitron was released and has already witnessed over 1 Crore downloads. But despite being successful and famous Moj has remained on top because of the unique features it provides and the quality of these features.

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Moj App - FAQs

1. Moj App which Country App?

Moj App is an Indian App launched by ShareChat.

2. Who is the founder of Moj App?

The Moj App was created by Mohalla Tech Private Limited in 2015.

3. Can I download Moj App for free?

Yes, Moj App can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Free.

4. Is Moj App safe to use?

From the perspective of security the Moj app is safe to use as is claimed by the developers.

5. What is the Moj App?

The Moj app is a video creating and sharing app that lets users create videos that last 15 seconds.