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Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068: What is Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068 and How to Fix It?

Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068: Dev Error 6068 in Call of Duty (any variant) can be caused by a corrupt DirectX installed on your system and can make the gaming experience to be poor. But dont need to panic check the following article to know more about Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068.  

by Manuel Joshua | Updated Sep 23, 2021 04:08 AM

Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068: What is Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068 and How to Fix It?
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Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068

According to our research, the issue is mainly related to software aspects of the computer system used to play Call of Duty with significantly less likelihood of a hardware problem. Here are a few common remedies to be looked into before you proceed with the specific solutions:

  • If you are using multiple displays, then use only one display.

  • Make sure if all other games are working fine.

  • The game requires RAM speeds of 3000 MHz to run optimally, so make sure your System meets the requirement.

  • Make sure you have a stable and fast internet speed.

How to fix Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068?

There are several proven solutions that can help to fix Warzone Dev Error 6068. Check them listed out below and also see which one can help to fix your problem or if you have encountered an unrecoverable error.

Install updates

As mentioned earlier, keeping the software and games updated might help you fix things. The following are the things that you should check for updates:


-Windows OS


Modify VideoMemoryScale option

A Warzone player told us that he could fix Dev Error 6068 by changing the value of the VideoMemoryScale option. Here's is how to do that:

-Open up the File Explorer.

-then open DocumentsCall of Duty Modern Warfareplayers

-select adv_options.ini file using Notepad.

-Identify the line that says VideoMemoryScale and change the value to 0.5.

Force the game to re-update

One user shared this solution in the official Activision forum. It is an potential solution that deletes individual files within main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. this is how it is done:

-Close the Call of Duty Warzone game if it is running.

-Browse through your main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. The default one is usually located in C:Program Files (x86), but it can be different one if you have a different installation route.

-Once you've found the CoD Modern Warfare folder, open it.

–Delete all files inside the folder except for Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main.

-Now Restart the game by launching it throuh Battle.net client.

-Once you have got the error saying the game is corrupt, proceed with an update option.

Delete the Data folder

The other modified thanks to force the sport to update itself is by deleting only the info folder and leaving the remainder intact. Here's how:

-Close the Call of Duty Warzone game if you've got it running.

-Browse through the main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. it is usually destined in C:Program Files (x86), but it are often different if you've got a special installation path.

-Once you've find the decision of Duty Modern Warfare folder, open it.

-Delete the info in folder.

-Restart the sports by launching it from the Battle.net client.

-Once you obtain the error saying that the sport is corrupt, proceed with the update option.

Run the game at 30FPS

Lowering the Frames as Per Second (FPS) of a fast-action game like Warzone is few solution, but this is often worth trying if you're desperate for a fix for Dev Error 6068. Your machine would also be unable to handle the present FPS settings. 

Try lowering the FPS of the sport by doing the subsequent steps:

-Open the Nvidia instrument panel.

-Select Manage 3D Settings. 

-Go to Program Settings.

-Select the sport from the list and set vertical sync to Adaptive Half Refresh Rate.

-Make bound to confirm the changes and restart the sport.

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Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068 - FAQs

1. What causes Dev error in Modern Warfare?  

Whilst there is still no official word from Activision about what causes the problem, it's believed that Dev Error 6034 happens when Modern Warfare files become corrupted or unreadable. A clean reinstall of the game is known to fix the issue, but there's a much quicker solution to alleviate the problem.

2.   How do I fix Dev Error 6036 on Modern Warfare?

A popular fix for the dev error 6036 for Call Of Duty Warzone is disabling the Cache Spot and Cache Sun Shadows. This can be done by opening the game, proceeding to Options and Graphics, and then scrolling down to the aforementioned settings

3. How do I fix warzone Dev error on my computer?

Warzone 'dev error 5573' fixes for PC

  1. Open Battle.net client.
  2. Select Modern Warfare, then Options, and click 'Scan and Repair'
  3. Begin the Scan and allow it to finish.
  4. Implement any repairs the Scan recommends (this may happen automatically)
  5. Restart your game.
4. How do I fix Dev error 6328?  

Many players reported the Warzone dev error 6328 can be caused by network glitches. To see if that's the case, try troubleshooting your router and modem. Simply turn off the router and modem and plug it back in after at least 30 seconds. This is supposed to refresh your device and clear the clogged connection.

5. What is error platypus?  

Error Code Platypus likely means that either you or your friend's connections are poor. The first thing you should do is reset your console or PC. You may need to do this a couple of times for it to work. If that isn't working, reset your internet, unplugging the modem for a few minutes, then try it again

6. What does Error Code 0 mean on warzone?  

What should I do? Answer: Error: 0 will occur if you attempt to register for an account in game using an email address that is already tied to an existing Activision/Call of Duty account. Workaround: Back out of the game, then relaunch the game and sign in to the game with the email address that gave you the error.