Mista Mista Lyrics: Read and Enjoy the Fugees Mista Mista Song Lyrics

Mista Mista Lyrics: Mista Mista Lyrics from  The Score songs are out. Among all the songs, Mista Mista is easily the best of the lot. With Lyrics penned by Wyclef Jean, Mista Mista has surprised everyone. Singer Fugees voice is also a key reason for Mista Mista's success. Mista Mista has been at the top half of the charts since its release, and it doesn't look to be coming down any time soon. You can get the lyrics for Mista Mista from the  The Score below.

by Shalini K

Updated Nov 09, 2020

Mista Mista Lyrics: Read and Enjoy the Fugees Mista Mista Song Lyrics

Mista Mista Lyrics Fugees from  The Score

Mista mista
Can I get five dollars
So I can get something to eat?
Hell no, motherfucka!
You can't get no money from me!
Cause everytime I give you a dollar
You go get shot up with more and more needles
And you tell me that you're drug free

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Drug free
Mista mista
I haven't ate anything for a week...
Can I get a quarter?
Hell no, motherfucka!
What can a quarter get you?
Nothing, motherfucka!
You are just fucked up
Off them fucked up drugs

You know you need to fucking leave alone
But you keep telling me that you're drug free!
You ain't drug free, you're a fiend
And everytime I try to help you
You pretend as if it's okay
Then, later on in the week
You go back to shootin' needles, to sniffin

Oh motherfucka, but you told me you were drug free
Drug free
You ain't drug free, motherfucka
So you damn well, cant get no motherfuckin money from me
Mista Mista Lyrics Overview

Artist Name Fugees
Movie/album Name The Score
Release date February 13, 1996

Mista Mista gets you hooked to it right from the first time you listen to it. Wyclef Jean has come up with some captivating lines. Combined with Wyclef Jean lyrics and Fugees voice, Mista Mista will lift your spirits every time you listen to it. Mista Mista has also helped in the publicity of  The Score. Mista Mista was one of the top trending songs when it came out. 

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Mista Mista Lyrics - FAQ's

1. When did Mista Mista Song Released?

The Mista Mista Song was released on February 13, 1996.

2. Who are the Lyricists for Mista Mista Song?

The Lyricists for Mista Mista Song is Wyclef Jean.

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