Medhavi Scholarship - What Is Medhavi Scholarship? What Is The Medhavi Mission Scholarship Scheme 2020?

by Shalini | Updated November 25, 2020

social social social social Medhavi Scholarship - What Is Medhavi Scholarship? What Is The Medhavi Mission Scholarship Scheme 2020?

Medhavi Scholarship: Everything You Need To Know About Medhavi Mission Scholarship and Medhavi Scholarship is a national scholarship scheme under The Medhavi Mission. It is an initiative by the Human Resources And Development Mission established in 2014. The main objective of Medhavi scholarship is to provide financial aid to scholars of India, especially from the weaker section of the society who are unable to study and access to a better education merely due to lack of resources. There are processes and steps to access like Medhavi scholarship 2020 eligibility, registration, etc. Know everything about Medhavi Scholarship Scheme 2020 on this page.

Medhavi Scholarship 2020

Medhavi scholarship is a digital test, decreasing the processing time of the tests and facilitates in selecting deserved candidates easily online to provide scholarships to them.

A minimum of 1405 candidates will be selected for scholarships. For three months, the selected candidates will receive upto Rs.5000.

Medhavi Scholarship 2020 Eligibility

The eligibility criteria to take the Medhavi Scholarship test are as follows.

  • The candidate must be an Indian Citizen.
  • The candidate should be of age between 16 and 40 years old.
  • Minimum qualification is 10th standard.
  • Subjects of Nepal, Bhutan or a Tibetian are also eligible to give the exam.
  • A person of Indian citizenship migrated from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Burma, or East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with a view to permanently staying in India are also eligible to give the exam.

Medhavi Scholarship Scheme 2020

There are four types in the Medhavi Scholarship Scheme.


No. Of Candidates



Type A



2 months

Type B



2 months

Type C



2 months

Type D



One time

Get Medhavi Scholarship Registration 2020, last date and result details and notifications on the official website of Medhavi Scholarship. Medhavi Scholarship

Medhavi Scholarship - FAQ

1. Is Medhavi Scholarship available for NRI?

Only the citizens of India are eligible for Medhavi Scholarship.

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