McDonalds Gold Card 2022, Who Have McDonald Gold Card? How To Get Golden Card McDonalds?

McDonalds Gold Card 2022: McDonald's is giving away a "McGold Card" that grants free, fast food for the rest of the holder's life. McDonald's franchisees, founder Ray Kroc, and, in rare cases, the company headquarters, have all been known to give away these mythic Gold Cards. Fans are more eager to know about Mcdonald's Gold Card 2022. In this article, we can find information about the Mcdonald's Gold Card 2022.  

by Kowsalya Chinnadurai | Updated Nov 30, 2022

McDonalds Gold Card 2022, Who Have McDonald Gold Card? How To Get Golden Card McDonalds?
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McDonalds Gold Card 2022

McDonald's revealed it is bringing back its famed McGold Card for the first time since the year 2018, meaning someone will win free food from the fast food giant for life. The company reported three fans – and three of their friends and home for a total of 12 cards – will be lucky enough to win the prize as part of its "SZN of Sharing" campaign, which will allow people to score deals and merchandise drops through the McDonald's app. McDonald's did not say how much the card is worth but said in 2018; the prize was valued at $52,350. The card entitles the owner to up to two meals per week for fifty years.

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Who Have Mcdonald's Gold Card?

McDonald's franchisees, founder Ray Kroc, and, in rare cases, the company headquarters have all been known to give away these mythic Gold Cards. Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are all among the people with cards that allow them to get a lifetime of free McDonald's. For further details, we will update you soon as soon as possible. Scrolling down this article, you will get more pieces of information.

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How To Get Golden Card McDonalds?

If you're examining for a chance to win the McGold card, all you require is the McDonald's app. McDonald's said each purchase created in the McDonald's app beginning on Dec. 5 would count as one entry toward winning the McGold Card. The sweepstakes end on Dec. 25, and winners will be notified shortly afterward. McDonald's did not tell the odds of winning the prize. If you don't win, you'll have the opportunity to score other prizes. Each purchase of at smallest $1 made in the app will give users entry to releases on Dec. 7 and Dec. 14. The merchandise on Dec. 7 contains Chicken McNuggets tights and a hoodie in an Egg McMuffin wrapper, while the Dec. 14 drop will contain Hamburglar graphic tees in collaboration with Diamond Supply Co.

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Mcdonald's Gold Card Free For Life

It's the considerable legendary perk in the fast food world: The McDonald's McGold Card, allowing its holder to free McDonald's for life. Even if you're not a significant MickeyD fan, you have to admit that being capable of dropping into thousands of sites across the country for free coffee or fries or 30 McRibs on the regular is, at the very smallest, convenient. In the past, the card was only open to specific luminaries. Microsoft founder Bill Gates and actor Rob Lowe both have one. But that's changed in recent years. In 2018, McDonald offered one away as part of sweepstakes for the first time. Now, only in time for the holidays, the chain says they'll give three people four McGold Cards each — "not just for you, but also three of your besties, too" — to promote the brand's so-called "SZN of Sharing."

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Mcdonalds Gold Card 2022 - FAQs

1. Can you still get a McDonald's gold card?

Last year, McDonald's launched a VIP Gold Card as part of McDonald's Monopoly, but when the pandemic hit, all those plans got canceled. Screw you, Lockdown! But the great news is, both McDonald's Monopoly and McDonald's VIP Gold Card are back for 2021!

2. How do I get a McDonald's VIP Card?

To become a VIP Member, you must be a frequent customer of McDonald's and have purchased at least five items from a participating restaurant within the last 30 days. Then you will get an invitation to join the VIP program, which you can either accept or reject.

3. What is the McGold card?

Be the Hero of the Holidays with the Gift That Keeps on Giving: the Legendary McDonald's McGold Card. November 29, 2022. Starting Dec. 5, fans in the U.S. can enter to win (and share!) this elusive card that comes with free McDonald's for life, plus get access to exclusive merch & food deals - all on the McDonald's App.

4. Does Bill Gates have a McDonald's gold card?

However, the chain noted that Kroc was known to informally gift this Lifetime "Be Our Guest" cards to various people throughout the years. The other lucky recipient of a lifetime of free McDonald's — not a little pink card, but a bona fide Gold Card, according to the company — is Bill Gates

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