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Married At First Sight UK 2021 Who Is Still Together, Get Exciting Details About The Married At First Sight Couples

Married At First Sight UK 2021 Who Is Still Together: Married At First Sight has returned to E4 for the sixth season, the first episode from the sixth season of Married At First Sight UK was aired on 30th August. The complete stranger’s contestants will be matched on the show with someone and they will marry each other start their lives. Continue reading this article to know whether the Married At First Sight UK 2021 Who Is Still Together.

by Rishavanthey Kamalak | Updated Sep 28, 2021 13:22 PM

Married At First Sight UK 2021 Who Is Still Together, Get Exciting Details About The Married At First Sight Couples
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Married At First Sight Couples Still Together

Married at first sight has returned to E4 with more couples this season. Married At First Sight was first started in 2015 where separate individuals will enter the show expecting to find a soulmate and they will be matched by some experts scientifically. But they will meet just minutes before they marry. Michelle and Owen, from season 5 is the first-ever couple to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary. Details about the other couples from season six are given in this article. 

  • Nikita And Ant

They both were one of the first couples who tied the knot. In the beginning, Nikita told the experts that she becomes picky while choosing men but the experts thought she would set her expectations aside but they both had a very heated argument on their honeymoon and Nikita was then asked to leave experiment and that eventually ended Ant’s experiment as well. 

  • Bob And Morgan 

Bob and Morgan left the audience in awe as they both felt the immediate connection between themselves. As Morgan walked down the aisle Bob said “Wow.” But the very next day Morgan said she was not attracted to Bob anymore and also she has kissed Jordan behind Bob’s back. But as of now, they both are together trying to work things out. 

  • Daniel And Matt

They both are the show’s first same-sex couple. Matt is 39-years-old who is a charity worker, who quit his corporate job for his father. Daniel is a 27-years-old sales worker from Northern Ireland. Despite their age differences, they had amazing chemistry on the show. Their fans were rooting for them to be together. As of now, they are still together. 

  • Morag And Luke

Morag and Luke were matched on the second episode of Married at first sight but the experts said that their relationship would be a “slow burn.” From the beginning, Morag kept saying that Luke was not what she ordered. But she was ready to give him another chance. When Morag said she didn’t like the way Luke dressed, one of the experts Mel said that she needed a reality check and only after that she released some things. It is believed that they both are together as of now and expected a very up and down relationship. 

  • Amy And Josh

Amy and Josh was the second group of singles to be paired. Amy who was 34 was very keen on the age gap and said she won’t date anyone below 28. She was shocked when it was revealed that Josh was 26. They both felt that spark right after their first meet. Josh also expressed that he was not into spiritual stuff but Amy was into spiritual side. They are still together but things have started to heat up now. 

  • Franky And Marilyse

Frank, the strength and conditioning coach lives in Dubai and also wants to settle down there. This can be a huge change for Marilyse. He served his country for 15 years and has lived as an ex-pat in Dubai. Since he is looking forward to settling down in Dubai he also has to find a partner who is ready to move in with him. There has not been any update about the couple so far. 

When is Married At First Sight UK Season 6 on TV

Married At First Sight UK Season 6 started on Monday 30th August on E4 at 9 pm. The series continues Monday to Thursday at the same time. The season 6 finale is expected to happen on October 5th but has not been any official update.  We do know that the current series will be 21 episodes long. If you miss an episode or want to catch up with previous seasons, you can find them on All 4.

Who Are The Experts In Married At First Sight UK Season 6

The show has three relationship experts to assist the contestants on their marriage journeys. They also help in solving the issues raised between the couples.

Melaine Schilling

Melanie has 20 years of experience as a specialist in human behavioural performance and purpose. She has also been an expert on the Australian version of the show. 

Paul C Brunson

Paul has a 75% success rate in the fifth season where three out of four couples are still together and one of them have a baby. Paul has also appeared in Celebs Go Dating has an internationally recognized expert in interpersonal relationships, personal development and entrepreneurship. He is considered as one of the World’s leading matchmakers, responsible for over 2000 marriages in his career. 

Charlene Douglas

Charlene Douglas is an experienced Sex and relationship therapist based in London. She appeared as a sex therapist on the show The Sex Clinic. 

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Married At First Sight UK 2021 Who Is Still Together - FAQs

1. Do they actually get married on married at first sight?    

No, the marriage is not legally binding.

2. Are Johnny and Kerry from married at first sight in 2021 still together?    

The couple has officially moved in together. 

3. How many couples from Married at First Sight are still married?    

As of July 2021, 13 couples remained married, making for a current overall success rate of 30%.

4. Are Emma and James still married?    

Emma and James got divorced recently. 

5. Do Owen and Michelle stay together?    

Yes. Owen and Michelle are still together. 

6. What is the age limit for married at first sight?    

25 years old is the age limit for married at first sight.