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Mare Of Easttown Frank Sheehan Character: Who is Frank Sheehan in Mare Of Easttown?

Mare Of Easttown Frank Sheehan Character: Mare Easttown is an American crime drama starring the famous Kate Winslet, Rose from Titanic plays the role of detective. Continue reading this article to know about the cast of the binge-worthy series and also Mare Of Easttown Frank Sheehan Character.   

by Rishavanthey Kamalak | Updated Sep 13, 2021 09:15 AM

Mare Of Easttown Frank Sheehan Character: Who is Frank Sheehan in Mare Of Easttown?
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Mare Of Easttown 

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama created by Brad Ingelsby and directed by Craig Zobel. The story revolves around the detective Mare Sheehan who is invested in a case for finding the killer of a teenage mom. She was unable to solve the case of a missing young girl for the past one year. Despite being a local hero, everyone starts to doubt Mare’s detective skills. On one side Mare’s life is falling apart and she is doing her best to keep it together and on the other side she has to work on this case and find the killer and also the missing young case. Kate Winslet made an iconic performance as Rose at the beginning of her career and people thought she would always remain the Rose from Titanic. Although Kate Winslet gave better and award worthy performances later on, Mare Sheehan can become yet another iconic character of Kate Winslet. Story is happening in a small town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Erin McMenamin, a teenage mom, was found dead and Mare works on this case. Mare thinks that this case might be linked to a missing girl's case, who is the daughter of Mare’s friend. Mare is working hard to solve these cases while her own life is falling apart. She lost her son to suicide, Mare was divorced recently and her husband is already engaged to another women. She also has to take care of her grandson his son left behind. 

Mare Of Easttown Characters

  • Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan

  • Julianne Nicholson as Lori Ross  Mare's closest friend

  • Jean Smart as Helen Fahey,Mare's mother

  • Angourie Rice as Siobhan Sheehan,Mare's daughter

  • David Denman as Frank Sheehan, Mare's ex-husband

  • Neal Huff as Father Dan Hastings, Mare's cousin, a Catholic priest and the pastor of St. Michael's Church

  • Guy Pearce as Richard Ryan, an author and creative writing professor

  • Cailee Spaeny as Erin McMenamin,a teenage single mother who is murdered

  • John Douglas Thompson as Chief Carter, Mare's boss at the police department

  • Joe Tippett as John Ross,  Lori's husband and Erin's father 

  • Evan Peters as Detective Colin Zabel, the county detective called in to assist Mare

  • Sosie Bacon as Carrie Layden, the mother of Mare's grandson Drew

  • James McArdle as Deacon Mark Burton, a Catholic deacon reassigned to St. Michael's after sexual misconduct allegations at his previous parish

Character Of Frank Sheehan

The Character Of Frank Sheehan, ex-husband of Mare, is played by David Denman. David is an American actor who started his career in 1997 in a television show, ER as Angel. He made his film debut in the movie The Replacements. He is best known for his role as Roy Anderson, ex-fiance of Pam Beesly in The Office. His other notable performances are Big Fish, Fair Game, The Nines, Shutter, Smart People, Fanboys, Let Go, Out Cold, After Earth, Jobs, Beneath the Harvest Sky, Men, Women & Children, The Gift, 13 Hours, Power Rangers, Logan Lucky, Puzzle and Brightburn.

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Mare Of Easttown Frank Sheehan Character - FAQs

1. Is Mare Of Easttown in netflix    

No. The show is currently airing on HBO Max, Hulu and Prime Video.

2. Is Mare of Easttown based on a book    

Mare of Easttown is based on real incidents and not a book

3. Who kills Erin in Mare of Easttown    

It is discovered in the finale that Erin was killed by Ryan.

4. Who is Mare’s daughter in Easttown    

Siobhan Sheehan 

5. Is Mare of Easttown available in Disney Plus Hotstar     


6. Is Katie Bailey from Mare of Easttown alive    

Mare eventually discovers about Katie Bailey being alive and Mare finds her

7. Who is playing Frank Sheehan in Mare of Easttown    

David Denman