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Man Purse Lyrics: Man Purse Lyrics from  NOT ON VETERAN has been topping the charts since it's release. Man Purse Lyrics by JPEGMAFIA which has some catchy lines are the icing on the cake and the Song’s brilliant lines combined with JPEGMAFIA mesmerizing voice has made Man Purse one of the best songs of the year. Man Purse has been making waves since its release, and people can't seem to get enough of it. To know the lyrics of Man Purse scroll down.

Man Purse JPEGMAFIA Lyrics

Crying out loud I'm Crying
I might vote for Donald Trump
I might vote for Donald Tr...
Yea I voted Donald Trump, what?
Niggas thought I would front, naw
Voting ballots getting stuck, ooh
Bitch you know I'm on that Trump shit...

You Think You Know Me

Fuck these niggas talking about man?
I been running through the city with my
I been running through the city with my whole set
Whole set, whole set, whoa
My little brother on the end told me hold that
Hold that
Yea, yea, yea

This goes out to you bitch ass white boys (Fuck Andrew Schulz nigga!)
Bill O'Reilly fuck you too (Fuck Max Frost nigga!)
Milo Yippo - what the fuck ever
Fuck you to
We slapping the shit out you crackers in 2k17 boy
Its The Gang

I might vote for Donald Trump
All you niggas hating
Bitch, I'm just playing
All you niggas fronting
I might push the button
Gold codes on me
(Split that biscuit)
Cracked screen baby get my torrent
Spit the seed nigga fuck a orange
And for the last time, there's no chorus!

Wait. (Wait..)
When was this country so great?
Tyrant with a toupee
I don't call Putin my dad!
We got some pussy to grab!

Heard that they paying you what?
Nigga you not getting taxed!
Rap game on Hebdo
You niggas dying for laughs
Walk upon him with the...
Baby 9 in a man purse

Pull the baby out the jansport
Put the 8th back in a Preme bag
I think I'm combing the edge I gotta be dirt
Whew! Damn!
I already said that
I think that I need them meds back

I think I'm combing the edge
I gotta be dirt
Boy I'm the Karl Lagerfield of my city
Who the fuck taught you liberals to vote
Same one taught you yuppies to cope
I sip liberal tears from a dirty glass filled with Obama's hope
Alt right better take notes
I found a better way to use a rope
I found a better way to make a point

But I ain't bout to get all into that
I'm a rapper (Time Over!)
Spitting bullshit while you file for your FASFA
Raps run by a actor
My home run by a (Reversed)
State's run by Putin
Fuck a redneck bitch I'm shooting

About Lyrics of Man Purse JPEGMAFIA

Man Purse has been gaining popularity with every passing day. Man Purse from  NOT ON VETERAN could be one of the best Hip-Hop/Rap songs of the year. JPEGMAFIA lines combined with JPEGMAFIA singing forces you to play the song on loop. You can read the lyrics of Man Purse  to get a better understanding of the song.

Movie/Album name NOT ON VETERAN
Release year May 20, 2017

Some facts about Man Purse Song Lyrics

Man Purse which came out on May 20, 2017 has had No of Views on Youtube.
This is JPEGMAFIA Name nth film. 
This is JPEGMAFIA nth song.
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Man Purse Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did Man Purse Song Released?

The Man Purse Song was released on May 20, 2017.

2. Who are the Lyricists for Man Purse Song?

The Lyricists for Man Purse Song is JPEGMAFIA.

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