M to the B Lyrics: Explore Millie B M to the B Lyrics, Lyrics of If you dont know me Im M to the B

Are you searching for the M to the B lyrics? Then this article will be helpful for you to know the full M to the B Lyrics of If you don't know me I'm M to the B. M to the B is the latest song written by Millie B and composed by Millie B. Read on to know more about the song, M to the B lyrics and enjoy this amazing rendition.  

by Suganya Vedham

Updated Oct 06, 2020

M to the B Lyrics: Explore Millie B M to the B Lyrics, Lyrics of If you dont know me Im M to the B

M to the B Lyrics

Hope you are eager to know M to the B lyrics, come lets have a look at theM to the B lyrics. 

If you don't know me I'm M to the B
Coming in hard, you better watch it Sophie
You think you're the only girl doing grime
M to the B says, "Step in line"
Coming in hard with my bars
Sophie Aspin is about to get parred
Read your bars off your iPhone 4
I don't do that shit, I do it hardcore
Got murked by Little T
Now you're gettin' murked by me
You shagged bare lads, you're a little sket
Have you heard your bars? They're fucking pep
Fucking pep, yeah, that's what they are
Now listen carefully to my sick bars
They scream my name like, "Yar, yar, yar"
Sophie, yeah, you're a little whore
Looking at your face, what the fuck's your contour?
Do you want me to lend you a blender?
I'm being serious, I'm not trying to offend you
Sophie, yeah, you should stick to singing
'Cause when you spit, my ears are ringing
How can you shag bare lads?
Is your fanny not stinging?
I bet your fanny's fucking minging
Sort out your manky Scouse brow
M to the B is coming at you with a row
You're enough to turn all lads camp
You know that 'cause you're a fucking tramp
Repping around in your shit clothes
Like Josh said, what the fuck's that pose?
Saying shit about people's mums, that's tight
Sophie Aspin, do you want me a fight?
Bet your blowies are fucking shite
Fuckin' shite, that's what I said
All the boys say you give shit head
That's what I said so what you gonna do?
All the things you spit about aren't even true
Sophie Aspin, little rat
I bet you're riddled and probs got the clap
Soph, yeah, you can't murk me
You're a slag, riddled with STDs
Fuck that shit, couldn't be arsed being you
You're an animal, you belong in a zoo
I'm sending for you so what're you gonna do?
You bounce on next man's dick like a kangaroo, like a kangaroo
So, Soph, where do we go from here?
If I send back, I'll throw you off the pier
I'm sending for you with no fear
So come on Soph, what's the best you can give?
Your bars are shit so you may as well quit
You may as well quit 'cause your bars are shit
Your bars are fake and my bars are real
Is it true you got bummed on a field?
You think you're a chav with your string jacket
Turn Sophie Aspin off, what a fucking racket
What a fucking racket
We all know, the best MC
It's M to the B, it's M to the B
It's M M M M M to the B
It's M to the B, it's M to the B

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Sophie, you're not the only girl who can spit bars
I've just showed you how it's done
You said you're not gonna send back
We'll see, won't we

Overview of M to the B Lyrics

M to the B​​​​​​​ Lyrics


Movie / Album Name

M to the B

Composed by

Millie B


Millie B


Millie B

Release Date

December 3, 2016

M to the B Song Release Date

The M to the B Song a beautiful composition by Millie B and produced by Bordum Beats. The most awaited M to the B song was released on December 3, 2016. Such awesome lyrics that make us feel brighter and crazy. If you want to memorize the M to the B lyrics then you are in the right place. Here you can check the full M to the B lyrics, M to the B cast, crew and more.

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Key factors about M to the B Song and Lyrics

  • The M to the B Song will be your favourite track once you note the  inner meaning of the lyrics. M to the B lyrics was written by Millie B and the song had its official release on December 3, 2016

  • M to the B Song is sang by Millie B

  • The composer Millie B has added flavour to the song which makes everyone go crazy

  • The M to the B Song starts withIf you don't know me I'm M to the B”. Thanks to the lyricists who made the M to the B Song to reach great heights.

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M to the B Lyrics - FAQ's

1. When did M to the B Song Released?

The M to the B Song was released on December 3, 2016.

2. Who is the composer of the M to the B Song?

The composer of theM to the B Song is Millie B.

3. Who are the Lyricists for M to the B Song?

The Lyricists for M to the B Song is Millie B.

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