Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update, Check Lumber Tycoon 2 New Items, and More

Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update - Wood is the main intended source of obtaining Money when sold at the Wood Dropoff, and is used to fill in Blueprints. People are curious to know more about the Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update past December. In this article, we have added Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update, Also Check Lumber Tycoon 2 New Items, Money Glitch, And More from here.

by Fredrick Fabian Daniel | Updated Jan 09, 2023

Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update, Check Lumber Tycoon 2 New Items, and More
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Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update

Lumber Tycoon 2 has made a lot of adjustments to their games; you may wonder when the last official update was released. The last new update was released on June 24, 2022. The Great Patch was released on June 2022, but in November, they added new items to the game; one eatable item is a Can Of Mashed Potatoes. Hey, they have released three more items; we have added them in the upcoming passages, so give it a read as well. 


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Lumber Tycoon 2 Money Glitch

Item Duplication is one of the most looked-upon features in any game, and players are looking for a way to multiply their in-game money using glitches. The only possible way to get money easily is by using the money glitch; all you can ever do is collect the Lava Wood. It doesn’t matter if you have a fire axe or not, and you can proceed to collect the Lava Wood. one thing to note is that you can even use End Times Axe for all the tests available in the game except collecting Lava Wood from a fire axe. 

Lumber Tycoon 2 New Items

During 2022 November, the inclusion of the Thanksgiving Event was added on November 19, 2022. However, the event unofficially began on November 18, and the event added apple pie to the Fancy Furnishings, which was removed a few days later. There were four more items which were four more new items released, which are Can Of Mashed Potatoes, Big Turkey, and Sparkle Time. You can enjoy Woodrrus, which can help you toggle a slack of bread, which looks similar to a bag of sand. 

Lumber Tycoon 2 Codes

Currently, there are no codes for Lumber Tycoon 2; as there are no active codes, there are no expired codes too. We know you might have followed our articles in hopes of knowing the updated codes but don’t be disappointed. We are trying our best to fetch the newly added codes, so don’t worry. When we announce the codes, we will be mindful of editing them here, so please check our page after a little while. 

Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki

Roblox has the potential to create a game if it has a high request from a particular fandom. And we can add Lumber Tycoon to one of the most requested lists. It gives the battle feeling for the players, and they can redeem the codes to play. This game has different companions to open, bosses to fight, and map design. The Lumber Tycoon 2 codes provide good rewards to battle.

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Lumber Tycoon 2 New Update - FAQs

1. What's the best tree in lumber tycoon 2?

Phantom Wood, also known as End Times Wood or Lone Cave Tree is a species of wood that was added during the 2016 End Times Update.

2. Who is the guy in lumber tycoon 2?

Lumberman is the NPC that appears on the Lumber Tycoon 2 thumbnail and is exclusively found within the game's files.

3. What wood sells for the most money?

Topping the list of most expensive woods in the world is Bocote, a flowering plant from the borage family that is mostly found in Mexico, Central and South America. Initially a yellow/brown shade, this wood darkens over time. It has a fragrant smell and is usually used for furniture and flooring.

4. What is the rarest car color in lumber tycoon 2?

Hot Pink is one of the rarest.

5. How much is the Alpha axe worth now?

Alpha Axe of Testing is worth 10k.

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