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Ludo King For PC - How To Download Ludo King For PC? Check Ludo King For PC Download Here

Ludo King For PC - Curious to know Ludo King For PC and how to download ludo king for pc windows 7 download 32 bit, then this article is exclusively for you. Ludo King is a popular game because of its local multiplayer aspect which allows six people to play on a single phone, each with their own dice. This article describes how to download ludo games for 32and 64 bit and many more, so if you are interested to know all these things about Ludo then do read this whole article given below without fail.  

by Shalini | Updated Oct 15, 2020 05:25 AM

Ludo King For PC - How To Download Ludo King For PC? Check Ludo King For PC Download Here

Ludo King For PC

Ludo King is the game which is based on the board game and it is derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. The main objective of this game is to move 4 tokens from the starting point around the board to the center of the board which is known as home and the winner will be the first person to do this.

Ludo King For PC Online

This game has four modes vs Computer  Local Mode which is pass and play, Online Multiplayer where you play with other players around the world and Private Multiplayer where player plays with friends in private rooms. In this game vs Computer mode the player can play offline against the computer AI. And in Local Mode, multiple players can play offline together.

Ludo King came with an update in September 2019 which included a series of new themes such as Nature, Egyptian, Disco, Cake, Candy, and Pinball, etc.

Ludo King For PC Windows 7 Download 32 & 64 Bit

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Ludo King For PC - FAQ

1. Is Ludo king safe for chatting to the players?  

Yes because the voice is not recorded and also they are not saved in our servers. The conversation on voice chats is not reproducible and Ludo King does not hold any sort of liability regarding the content of conversation happening in the voice chats.